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While Remel was relaxing in the hot springs outside of Eldergleam Sanctuary he fell asleep and was mauled by a bear before he could get his armor back on then eaten by a dragon flying by. So his armor is still in the chest next to the Hot Spring Hunters Camp for the taking. You can wear the armor both Male & Female or disenchant it and place the enchantments on your favorite armor. Each of the enchantments are at 100% so I suggest not going any higher when enchanting your own armor (it's really not needed).

(Iloe's Gear)

The Armor can be re-crafted using Mythril ingots which I added to give you something to do with all your dragon scales.

Cuirass: Regen Health & Stamina 100%. Resist Fire, Frost, Shock, Poison 100%. Fortify Carry Weight 200 lbs. Vampire Muffle 100% 
Ring:      Regen Magicka 100%, Resist Magic 100%, Fortify all schools 100%
Circlet:  Invisability (when Sneaking), Water Breathing & Speechcraft 100%
Boots:   Speed and Muffle Enchantment / Armor 20
Gauntlets:      Unenchanted / Armor 20
Shield:  Shield of Protection Enchantment (Spellbreaker, Fortify Health & Magic, Shock Cloak against attackers only) / Armor 45
Razor:     Soul Trap 20 sec., slow & Paralize 10 sec. / Damage 25 with 25% Critical Hit Chance.
Stalker Blade: Unenchanted / Damage 30 with 5% Critical Hit Chance.
Sword:    Unenchanted / Damage 40 / Value 5000 / Critical Hit chance 5%
Soul Snatcher Bow: Fiery Soultrap & Absorb Health, Stamina & Drain Magicka 100 points / Damage 25 with 5% Critical Hit chance, Disarm.
Craft Clothes: Smithing & Alchemy 100% / Carry Weight 200

Assasson Blade: Unenchanted /Silver Dagger/Sword /Damage 60 (Left & Right Hand)
Dagger:     Unenchanted / Silver / Damage 50 (Left & Right Hand)
Silver Katana:   Unenchanted / Damage 60 (Left & Right Hand)
Arrow:       Unenchanted / Damage 45
Arrow Enchanted: Fire & Ice Damage 50 / Damage 50


When wearing the Circlet you will stay invisible until you interact with something (talk to someone, pick an ingredient etc. except when Vampire Feeding).

This is my first Mod so please let me know what you think. I mainly use the Demigod race with this armor so I'm fairly untouchable.

Remel's Armor uses your default Glass Armor for both Male. I included the Female armor Mesh.


** The armor shown is: Highly Transparent and Refracting Glass Armor Weapon CBBE UNP UNPB 29123 by Skysan4298 ** 
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