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By the moonlight, on the hour,
In my threshold space lay me.
Watch the beam reflect my power,
Unite once more my sword with me.
I--am that is, stand true for all.
O Warrior Mouse, protect Redwall.

After making Ratdeath, the sword of Martin the Warrior from the Redwall book series, I realized it was missing something. It was all alone without Martin's shield, and while it took me a bit I've now rectified that little matter. :3

This mod adds, of course, the shield of Martin the Warrior, modeled after its appearance on the book's 10th anniversary cover. The shield is classified as light armor and, protection-wise, it's roughly halfway between an elven shield and a glass shield. The shield's fully temperable and also has a perk attached to it that reduces damage dealt by skeevers, so it's fully enchantable as well. The shield can be found in Lund's Hut, which is some ways from Rorikstead on top of a hill. You'll know you've found it when you run into a house with skeevers chillin' out in front of it. Give the house a thorough search once you get inside, shouldn't be hard to find the shield there ;)

With 1.1, now you can make a heavy version! To do so you will, of course, need to get the shield, then 3 steel ingots and the Steel Smithing perk, and drag 'em all to a forge to hefty up the shield. It's functionally identical to the standard version, but of course weighs a bit more and offers more defense (just a smidge more than an orcish shield). You can also revert the shield back to the light version by taking it to a smelter, in case you want to switch it back for whatever reason. BE ADVISED, doing this will strip off any tempering or enchanting you've done to the shield, so choose carefully.

It ain't complete without Ratdeath! G'won and give it a looksee here

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