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Read Books Aloud by Chesko
Project taken over by “Sjors Boomschors”
from Chesko the original creator.

[RELz] Read Books Aloud by Chesko

See also previous thread “[WIP] Read Books Aloud”

“Read Books Aloud” ( short RBA ) is a stand alone mod / resource to support the general use of Audio Books by the entire community. “Read Books Aloud” does not add support for a book, nor does it include any audio book files for supported books.

What does it do:
This mod makes it possible for everyone to add Audio Books (.xwm audio files) that will play when a player opens or activates a supported book, letter, scroll or note containing readable text.

Please note that "support for a book" and "having the book read to you" are two different things. After support for a book is added, by a all-in-one or separate plugin, a audio file / voice pack will have to be created by a talented voice actor / actress, which you will need to download and install.

New support for books can be continuously added over time. The system is designed to be extremely flexible; you will be able to download "Voice Collections" from a single voice actor, or recordings of individual books. You will be able to pick and choose who to listen to on a book-by-book basis.

For the moment is switching which actor you are listening to in-game not supported. The "install what you want" system offers the highest level of compatibility and flexibility while also keeping the configuration in-game very simple.

How does RBA work:
I will skip the technical details for now.

Installation & Activation:
There are 3 parts to installing and using Read Books Aloud with working Audio Books.

1: Install “Read Books Aloud”
2: Install “Audio Books Files”
3: Install “Support Plugin”

How to add Support:
See included tutorial

What is not Supported:
• Books that already have a script applied to them
( Adding a script to a object that already has a script would not be smart )

How to add AudioBooks:
See included tutorial

• SkyUI MCM Support: Required primarily to easily allow the player to set playback controls, in English only. SkyUI also requires SKSE.
• Playback controls: Play, Stop, Next Section, Previous Section. SkyUI MCM also requires SKSE.
• Option: Toggleable Auto-Start: Whether or not books will start being read to you automatically, or wait until you press your configured Play button.
• Option: Keep Reading after Book Close: You can turn an option on to allow you to keep the recording playing after you close the book, so you can listen while you adventure.
• Supports all Readable Content: Books, letters, notes, and scrolls including from DLC and mods.

• SKSE ( Skyrim Script Extender v1.06.16 )
• SkyUI ( Skyrim User Interface mod v4.1 )
• TES5Edit ( Skyrim Plugin Editor v3.0.31 )
• AudioBooks ( Audio files for supported books )

• Skyrim ( by Sjors Boomschors )
• HearthFires ( by Sjors Boomschors )
• Dawnguard ( by Sjors Boomschors )
• Dragonborn ( by Sjors Boomschors )

• With all mods that edit books

• Due to a TES5Edit limitation is it impossible to automatically add AudioBook support to a book that already has a script added to it. It has to be done manually in the Creation Kit. Lucky for us not allot of books have scripts added to them.
• Due to a Creation Kit limitation it is impossible to link to .xwm audio files. The use of .xwm audio files is highly recomended due to its very high compression ratio. TES5Edit is needed to set the correct patch.
• Books containing game specific input (so called dynamic book) will not make good audio books. Its imposible to know what content should be spoken, like dynamic Player, NPC and locations names.
• The TES5Edit script only adds support to books with only 1 audio file (1 section), Read Books Aloud can support upto 30 sections if needed.

• Volume is be lower in third-person view then in first-person view
• It is posible to have more then one book being read to you at the same time

• Chesko the original Creator
• Sjors Boomschors mod modifier
• Zilav For TES5Edit script and support

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think.
I love to receive feedback, bugreports and suggestions.