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Stamina is drained when bow is drawn back. If stamina is zero, you will not be able to draw back the bow. How steady your character is at aiming depends on your skill level and stamina level. The longer you hold, the more unsteady you will get.

Permissions and credits
Marksman 15, Marksman 100 What's the difference between the two? Nothing really except a few points of bow damage. If you like immersion, this mod is for you. Anyone who has ever tried shooting a real bow knows that trying to hold an arrow steady is hard. I tried to replicate that effect to the best of my ability in this mod.

***Warning! Mod has been updated. Video is outdated***
Shaking is a little too extreme in the video. Real game play is quite a bit different. I'll get around to making a new video at some point.

How it works
When you draw back your bow, your stamina will slowly be diminished until you hit zero. At that point, your character will stop drawing back the bow, and you will have to wait a few seconds to recharge your stamina. The other aspect of this mod is the unsteady untrained arm shake. How much it shakes depends on your skill level, the power of the bow, and current stamina points. The longer you hold, the more you will shake. A novice bowman will look like a novice bowman. A master archer, with high stamina will notice very little shake.

Don't want the shake? No problem, just turn it off in the new Mod Menu. Too much shake? Just drop the difficulty slider down a little to reduce the shake and stamina drain.

Should be compatible with everything. It's just a script attached to a quest. Even new, modded bows should be supported after version 1.2 thanks to a suggestion by Grantiz.

Think I pretty much got them all. If you find one, let me know so i can fix it.

SKSE is required. To install the mod, just unzip the files and drop them in the folder, or you can use the NMM if you want. SkyUI is required if you want to turn the shake off or customize the difficulty.

My Recommendations
If you're anything like me, you're an immersion nut. Currently, I have over 100 mods installed that make this game a little more believable. In fact, I spend much more time finding and tinkering with mods than actually playing the game (the fact that I have never beat it is proof!). The only thing I believe this mod is missing is the ability to limit how many arrows you can carry. The reason I did not put this in, is because I'm currently running a mod that adds weight to my arrows. That, combined with a realistic carry weight mod makes archery truly immersive.

Here are some of the mods I'm currently using:
Immersive HUD
(disables crosshairs)
Weighted Items
(adds weights to arrows)
SkyRealism: Carry weight capacity
(limited carry weight means less arrows)