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The quest added by this mod are divided into two categories: Quest that start at the moment where the player is defeated (Primary Quests) and quest that trigger off the Primary Quest (Secondary Quest). For example, all the rescue events are secondary quests.

OnBleedout Quest:
1) Necromantic absorption: On entering bleedout, you get a chance to use either the Avoid Death perk, a black soul gem or a dragon soul to instantly regenerate some or all of your health, and get back in the fight.

Primary (OnBlackout/OnDefeat) Quests:
1) Crime: This quest solves the vanilla bug of guards and civilian fighting the player to death for no reason whatsoever (minor crimes, accident and whatnot). They will still fight you of course, but now you will be sent to the prison of the crime faction that defeated you, if it exists. You can then serve your time as normal.

2) Bandit: When you are defeated by Bandit (or sometimes forsworn), they steal some of your gear and loot and leave you in a ditch close to the location you were defeated or near the entrance to a nearby town. A quest to recover you gear is then started (see Recovery Quest).

3) Animal: When you are defeated by one of the many predator of Skyrim, they either leave you for dead or drag you to a nearby animal lair. One of the many secondary quest can then trigger.

4) Draugr: When you are defeated by a draugr, they will sometimes stash your armor and weapon in one of the many funeral urn of the tomb you happen to be in, and dress you in ceremonial nord garment. They will also often carry you to the entrance of the crypt. The rational is that they assumed you would rise again as a new draugr and defend the crypt. They'll soon realize their mistake once you start moving away from where they left you.

5) Dwemer: Dwemers are automated defence and, as such, are content with throwing you out of the current dwemer ruins. One of the many secondary quest can then trigger.

6) Dragon: Dragons can absorb souls of other dead dragon, or that of the dragonborn himself. If you are defeated by a dragon, they will absorb all your unspent dragon souls (which can be recovered later from the same dragon) and greatly weakens the dragonborn, who held to his own soul by a tether. The dragon will then lose interest in fighting you, considering that you are not a challenge anymore, and fly around passively. One of the many secondary quest can then trigger after you are defeated.

7) Forsworn: Forsworn can capture the player on defeat. You are then transported to one of their many camps and put into a cage under guard. The guard will provide you some food if you need it (talk to him/her through the cage door). They will strip you of your armor and weapons but leave any other item. You can either try to break free by pickpocketing the key or using lockpicking skill on a randomly leveled lock (note that if you leave without recovering your item from the jailer they will eventually sell them and they can be recovered from a pawnbroker (see the Gear Recovery quest). If you can't free yourself, your only option is to wait for rescue. However, the Jarl won't accept to pay your ransom if you are a known criminal in which case you might be freed once the Forsworn realize their mistake.

8) Death: Disabled by default. Gives the player a chance to die on blackout. The chance is set under the YMOYL quest setting tab in the menu.

OnDeath Quests:
None so far.

Secondary (Radiant) Quests:
1) Random Adventurer: Random adventurer will sometime stumble upon you as you regain consciousness. They will offer to accompany you and/or offer you a weapon (iron or steel). If you chose to have him/her follow you, they will act as a normal follower for a configurable amount of time, after which they will say their goodbye and leave your side. I recommend to not transfer any item to the follower since you won't be able to recover them after he/she leaves your side.

2) Random Brigand: The random brigand will see you as an easy prey and will demand your gear/loot or fight you for it. Since you will be gravely injured at that point, fighting might not be an option.

3) Companion: Vilkas and Farkas sometimes go on an adventure around Skyrim. They may stumble on the player. If the player is not a member of the companion, they will simply remind you of their guild. If you are already a member, they will offer to assist you for a short time. If you are the harbinger, they will offer to assist you of course, and you can request an extra weapon (skyforge).

4) Thief Guild: Random thief guild member can stumble on the player. If you are not a member they will attempt a holdup though they can be convinced that you actually have nothing. If you fail, you may have to hand over your gear or fight. On the other hand, if you are a member, they will share some of the loot they stole on their last job.

5) College: The college also have random member walking about. If you are not a member they will only remind you of the college. If you are a member they will offer some extra potions and scrolls. If you are archmage they will offer the previous and you can request an extra sets of clothes (mage robes) in case you lost yours.

6) M'aiq: M'aiq is as helpful as ever and will give you a rare daedric artifact, a certain cursed fork. This quest can only trigger once ever.

7) Temple: In the temple quest, you are carried unconscious to a nearby temple. As you wake up, one of the priest may attempt to heal you. You can then repay their kindness if you so desire.

8) Inn: The inn quest is similar to the temple quest except that you wake up in an inn, presumably carried by a random adventurer. The innkeeper will offer you something to eat and you can repay his/her kindness doing some manual labor (cutting some wood for the fire).

9) Gear Recovery: If you ever lose gear, they can be recovered in two ways: either you get revenge directly from the thief or you can query vendors (of the pawnbroker variety). If you find the said vendor, he will offer you to repay him for a fraction of the price of the loot.

10) Markarth Ransom: The housecarl of Markarth will deal with ransom demand in Markarth hold. When the quest start, the housecarl start negotiating for your release which may be more or less difficult depending on if you are known as the Dragonborn or not. Your lost gear is then returned to you as you are released and escorted back to Markarth's keep. She/he then proceed to explain the situation and that you need to reemburse their loses since it was your fault you got caught. As long as you haven't repaid your ransom no other rescue will be offered.

Miscellaneous Quests:
1) Healing Spells: Normal healing spells can close up minor wounds but are ineffective on downed allies. To restore a follower on their feet, you'll need something more powerful. Talk to Danica Pure-Spring in Whiterun. You can either buy her knowledge or do a favor for her. She will also direct you to the next step.

2) Amulet of Divine intervention have been seamlessly added to loot lists. There is a 1% chance to find one on any NPC and a few have been hidden in the world.

3) A few teleportation (good old mark and recall) spell tomes have been hidden throughout the world. In particular, along the mage quest line location. (SPOILERS) One tome can be found in the arcaneum at the college if you look carefully (look at the top of the shelves).