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Detailing the Eldrich - A bump up in resolution for the realm of Apocrypha, Miraak's Temple, and the Black Books - REQUIRES Dragonborn DLC!!!

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"Eldrich" also "Eldritch"- foreign, strange, uncanny, “of a strange country, pertaining to the Otherworld” ...

Phase Two of Detailing the Eldrich can be found here!!!


Detailing the Eldrich - Higher-Res Apocrypha - Temple of Miraak - Black Books

***Files updated as of 11/27/13 - Entirely reworked all normal maps, changed compression methods, edited alpha channels across the board, and tweaked a number of textures. Installer, and all loose files updated, hopefully I didn't mess anything up in the process...***

This is a bump up in resolution, and detail, for Hermaeus Mora's realm Apocrypha, Miraak's Temple (simply because the exterior of Miraak's Temple shares textures...) and the mysterious Black Books. This was made purely out of necessity, as I couldn't find a total replacer on the Nexus. It was jarring to me the first time I was transported to Apocrypha, it was so low-res, and blurry... I had to do something, anything... So after a few days of work I have results that aren't completely terrible, and seemed worth sharing. It'll do for now, anyway... This requires the Dragonborn DLC, unless you just want to waste a bit of hard-drive space, who am I to say?

This will replace the textures for the realm of Apocrypha, the Exterior of Miraak's Temple, the Arches around the Sacred Stones, and the Black Books. All files have been worked up from the official high-res pack, most textures have been reworked from scratch, using the originals as reference. The new textures are mostly 2048, while some, mostly normal maps, remain their original resolution, the original alpha channel info should be intact across the board.

File Installation:

***Update*** - NMM Installer Package has been added! Try that instead, if you prefer...

Unzip contents of "Eldrich Details - Apocrypha.7z" to your Skyrim Data folder, overwrite if necessary, probably won't be. I've added in the option to download with the NMM, please report any problems if you encounter them. To uninstall simply delete everything from the dlc02/clutter/books folder, and the dlc02/dungeons/apocrypha folder. Then pause, and listen for the sound of faint weeping, that's me you'll hear.


All-IN-ONE Installer File has been uploaded, it collects all of the core files, and optional variants into an installation package. This includes high/low res options for all files. Loose files will remain up as optional downloads for those who prefer them. Please let me know if you encounter problems with the installer, it was my first attempt at putting one together. Thanks!


Just message me thru the Nexus if you are interested in re-using something, we'll come to some sort of agreement, I reckon.

Almost hate saying this, kinda seems silly, but if you dig my work, please endorse. Thanks!