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For those are not familiar with ENB, it is nothing short of a complete overhaul of Skyrim's graphics. While ENB does give simple option such as color correction, it does have the ability to override Skyrim's internal shading and lighting to give a complete upgrade with better, softer shadows, ambient occlusion shading, visible sun beams, lens glares when looking at bright things such as fire, as well as depth of field blurring.

Featuring atmospheric color correction, HDR lighting, depth of field, and everything else you've come to expect from ENB. ENB is a post-process effect processor, so it only takes what you already have, including texture mods, and improves on them using state-of-the-art post processing effects.

This does come at a cost though. but he latest versions of ENB have come with a much needed performance boost over earlier versions, so if you have been turned off in the past, maybe it is time to give ENB another shot. Most users I know that have tried ENB, even with the earlier performance hits, have found that they cannot go back to playing without it. ENB adds so much depth to what is already an amazing experience, trying to play without it just feels like a downgrade. Don't be scared.... see what you have been missing.

For the time being, since it is a huge ordeal to make multiple versions, this current set is setup the only way I think it should be, with all effects, including new ENB Detailed Shadows, Ambient Occlusion, Indirect Illumination and "God Ray" Sun Beams. If I can find the time I will make a multiple version set, but for now this is it.

If you do not wish to use SMAA (described below) simply open up enbsieries.ini and replace the very top section with this:


It is forbidden to post the actual ENB binary on the Nexus, so once you have downloaded my set files and extracted them into your game directory, you must download the v1.13 binary from ENB's site found here:

Just click the little arrow icon to download it...

Simply extract the file d3d9.dll from the WrapperVersion folder into your game directory, and when coupled with the files found in my set, you will have everything you need.


If you use this MOD, please let me now by giving it an endorsement so others may find it and enjoy it as well. Thank you.


For the uninitiated, installion is extremely easy. Simply open the file and choose a version. Extract the files from the folder into your main game directory, the directory that has TESV.EXE in it. When you start the game ENBPM will be on by default. While in-game, hold Shift and press F12 to turn it off. Press Backspace to turn it back on.

SMAA is sub-mophological anti aliasing. http://

SMAA is an anti-aliasing effect which replaces Skyrim's and your video card's AA. If you use a set which has SMAA enabled, simply disable any anti-aliasing through the Skyrim launcher, while keeping FXAA enabled through the advanced features, and also disable AA through your hardware's interface, like the Nvidia control panel. This should result in very clean graphics with less performance hit than hardware based AA.



1) Go to My Games/Skyrim and open SkyrimPrefs.ini
2) Find bFloatPointRendertarget=0 and change it to 1


Also, for the BRIGHT PAPER & BOOKS ISSUE, I recommend downloading Mancer's paper pack here:|:|id=3520

Download the regular version, not the bright version...

He did exactly what I would have done, which is darken the textures of the paper, so that books don't blind you =D


To fix the blurry race menu / third person view / torch view just add:


in your skyrim.ini under the [DISPLAY] section.


This series did start out as a modified version of HD6. I am still using some of his code so props to him for efforts.