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From the Ashes
Lost Enchantments of the Sixth House

- New weapon effect, Dagoth's Sting.
- Numerous minor tweaks to Dagoth's Fury

This is a set of enchantments geared towards lore-hounds and Morrowind enthusiasts, and perhaps roleplayers as well.
They are thematically based on the now-extinct House Dagoth of Morrowind. I tried to make use of several of Dragonborn's new ash and wind-based magics accordingly.
Please remember to endorse if you like the mod, I'm working on a couple of others and support/constructive criticism is always appreciated. You've also probably noticed that I suck at screen caps, sorry about that.

This mod requires the Dragonborn DLC.

The Enchantments:

Dagoth's Sting:
Placed on weapons, this enchantment lowers the target's armor rating slightly [similar to Bloodscythe] and applies Weakness to Poison [25%], both effects last for five seconds. They also seem to stack with successive hits. Also poisons the target for 20 points. Should be infinite-use unless combined with other enchantments.
This enchantment is intended to soften a target up somewhat for your counter-attacks, and to help make poisoned weapons a bit more useful.
Remember in Morrowind when there was a Disintegrate Armor enchantment and an enchantable poison effect? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

Dagoth's Fury:
Placed on weapons, its effect slows opponents down for a few seconds.
Attacks also have a 20% chance to knock enemies backwards or stagger them, and a 10% chance to paralyze them for two seconds.
The enchantment should be infinite-use without the need for the recharging unless combined with other enchantments.

Dagoth's Blight:
Casts a version of Whirlwind Cloak in combat, similar to the Ebony Mail's enchantment. Extremely useful for fighting groups of enemies.
Like the cloaks from my other enchantment mods, this spell will disable automatically when you are brawling, sparring with Vilkas, sneaking, or swimming.

Dagoth's Contempt:
An enchantment which grants a minor resistance to physical damage, this time I focused on what a racist member of House Dagoth might regard as their enemies.
Namely, Nords, Imperials, and Bretons, against whom you are now 10% more resistant to physical damage.
I found it somewhat useful during the Civil War and when fighting Forsworn. Most NPC's in Skyrim are Nords so this should prove useful to nearly everyone though.

Dagoth's Cunning:
Focuses on the seductive power by which Dagoth Ur created his armies of Sleepers.
Namely, it gives a boost to both the magnitude [not spell cost] of Illusion spells and a buff to Speechcraft.
It also has a chance to heal the player if their health gets low, cast a Fire Cloak, and summon a unique Ascended Sleeper.
The Ascended Sleeper is a Seeker with a unique spell package focused on knocking back or disabling opponents instead of harming them. He's more of a defensive summon as a result, and can be greatly useful against large groups of enemies.
Consider this like a special version of Konahrik.

Dagoth's Grace:
You swim 20% faster, and take 10% less damage from falling. I wanted to mimic Morrowind's Swift Swim and Slowfall spells to the best of my ability.

Dagoth's Hand:
Your speed with all weapons is increased by 20%, and the spell cost of all magic is reduced by 10%.
In my opinion, this is overpowered if used on more than one piece of gear.

Dagoth's Tomb:
A simple bashing spell that casts Ash Shell on the target for 1 second.
Enough to knock someone off their feet, but the shell effect also protects them for a moment as well, which IMHO made this a little more balanced than a standard Paralyze spell.
Blocking both casts a Fire Floak similar to the Dunmer racial power, and opponents who strike you with weapons or spells while blocking may become paralyzed for ten seconds.

Where to find them:
On Horker Island off the Eastern coast of Solstheim, there is a unique horker named Lord Tusk.
Kill him to obtain the items, the "Sixth House Battlemage" set. It's not hard and can be done at pretty much any level you want.
He also respawns, if I'm not mistaken. So don't worry too much if you've already killed him.

If you would prefer to obtain them via console, you're looking for boots, a helmet, gauntlets, armor, a shield, a sword, a bow, and a ring.

Feel free to use for anything you want, include in your own mod, release a tweak for it, etc. Just remember to give me credit.
If you enjoyed the mod please remember to endorse.

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