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A second attempt at making a better Proudspire

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Cleaned with Tes5Edit V3.0.31
I'm uploading this as is, as it was never really intended for anything other than personal use. If you have any issues, please let me know and I will fix them to the best of my abilities.
If you haven't built the manor yet, the house will be completely empty except for a desk in the main bedroom that has the Stone of Barenziah on it.
You still need to purchase everything from Falk Firebeard as you would normally. I linked everything in the house to the existing xmarkers, so when you buy the living room you will also get other parts of the house. Purchase the alchemy room to furnish the housecarl bedroom etc. 
The armory will not be accessible until you buy the Enchanting room. The reason for this being that the mannequins lost their minds when I linked them to an xmarker.
If you have the manor already, be sure to take everything out of the house first, BEFORE you install this mod.

Quick update 2014/03/14
I've uploaded a new zip file containing two files. They both fix a stupid mistake on my end, namely invisible chairs. My humble apologies for this. There is a version with the spiders on the stairwell, and one without. Please choose only one and copy the .esp to your data folder. Overwrite.

[b]Quick update 2013/10/27

There seems to be an issue with the kitchen wall/fireplace, but it also seems to be random. I have uploaded a new esp that duplicates that specific wall and puts it in exactly the same spot. This should fix it.
I have also gotten rid of the old staircase, so there should be no phantom walls popping up.
The wall that sometimes block the children's room is a vanilla bug. If you have that issue, open the console, click on the wall and type disable.

Quick update 2013/11/14
There is now a second optional .esp for those who is missing a wall in the living room.


This is my second attempt at modding Proudspire. The first one was a total bust, but I like the house so I gave it another go.
I did not add working taps and showers and washbasins and and and... Not because I don't think they are cool, but simply because I never use them.  
A lot of time was spent testing this mod to make sure that the wife and kids behave, and I am happy to say that all is well this time around. 
I made it according to my own tastes, but I'm sure there are at least a few other people who will enjoy the changes I've made. 
All storage containers are set to not respawn, so you can store away your loot safely anywhere in the house.
The biggest structural changes:
(Please, if you don't like the idea of the outside not matching the inside, then this is not for you. That being said, the changes are not so extreme that you would feel like the inside stretches to the Bards College)
  • The staircase is wider (Like the one in the Bards College)
  • The children's bedroom is bigger by half of the original Hearthfire bedroom
  • The main bedroom is bigger by half as well (of the original bedroom)
  • The kitchen moved to directly beneath the children's bedroom and is also the same size. 
  • The area in front of the two bedrooms upstairs is slightly bigger
  • There is a "bedroom" for Jordis SwordMaiden

The house is not littered with clutter. I do not like a house that looks like a warehouse. (See screenshots)
Kids Room:
  • 4 Beds (Note that you will need the MultiKid mod by TMPhoenix if you want more than 2 children)
  • No real storage space in here or anything interactive for the player. There are, however, markers for them to play instruments and sit around as well as the vanilla practice dummy

Main Bedroom:
  • Custom blue bed
  • 2 bookshelves with reading markers
  • Fireplace with two chairs and a small table
  • Sofa in the corner
  • A wardrobe and two small "jewelry chests"

Area in front of bedrooms:
  • This is like a small study area with a desk in the middle of it. 
  • Curio cabinets that look cool and doubles as storage space
  • Winterhold-style bookcases
  • Display case with static books and a chest underneath. 

  • Big dining table that seats 6. 
  • Corner oven (like the Hearthfire oven, but cooler) 
  • Fireplace
  • Two kitchen cupboards 
  • Various storage containers

Living Room:
  • Small living room with 2 sofas and two sofa chairs.
  • Desk for storage
  • Bookshelf

  • Alchemy room containing two shelves with labelled ingredient jars (24 in all)
  • Alchemy table (obviously)
  • Two cabinets and a chest for storage
  • Enchanting Room with the enchanting table 
  • Two cabinets and a chest for storage. 

  • ARMORY... 8 Mannequins arranged in a circle in the center of the room.
  • Plenty of display cases and dagger displays and chests
  • Weapon racks (Space for 9 weapons)
  • Weapon Rack Plaques and Shield Plaques
  • Two cabinets for additional storage

Very simple. I just put the usual "smithy" items on the patio. A tanning rack, workbench, sharpening wheel and anvil forge.
Install with NMM or
Manually extract the BSA and the ESP to you ...Skyrim/Data folder. If, for some reason, the bsa doesn't work, extract the meshes and textures (I use BSA Extractor, just Google it) and copy them into the Data folder.
Delete the BSA and ESP or use NMM
Known Issues:

If you have a wall blocking the staircase, please click on it and type "disable" It's the original staircase that seems to pop up indescriminantly. I apologise for this. There is a fix file, but that doesn't seem to do the rick either.
If you haven't bought the manor yet, please use the Main Entrance to the house  when you enter the first time (opposite Vittoria Vicci's house) If you don't, then you will not get the "Completed: visit your new home" message. I do not know why this happens, but if any of you have a solution, please let me know.
  • Tamira for converting Stroti's meshes. You've done so much good work. 
  • InsanitySorrow for, well, everything from rugs to flower displays to sofas and everything in between
  • Oaristys and Tony 67 for a million and one cool things
  • Blary and StoverJM for their Open Books Resources
  • Lillith for her rugs and benches and and and
  • PhuzzyPhysics for some really cool resources ( I am too stupid to get your fishtank to work, but it's awesome)
  • Breti
  • Runspect
  • DarkRider for the paintings and some other resources
  • MRPDean for giving us a Noble Cupboard. And also for the work he has done on the Hearthfire houses.

If I left anyone out, please let me know. I'll slap my hand and add you to the list.
If you use it and you like it, please endorse it!
Go mad. The resources I used are all modders resources, so give credit to them. 
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