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This small mod allows you to give any character regardless of playstyle access to all spells, enchants and skills.

Please note that this is designed for 'fun', if you have completed the game and are looking for something to try then give this a go. It will allow you to create a character of any style without leveling from scratch. This does not make you immortal as the name implies, you will still take damage, drain magicka and die (if you do something really stupid).

As a few comments said, yes you can do this via the console, this is just a much quicker as easier way of doing it because you only need to type a short phrase in and it saves having to try and find out all the item id's as i have already done the work for you.

The 'GiveSpells' will add the skill books to your inventory, you then will need to go to the 'books' tab and click on each one to learn it. This may make you over encumbered until you use the books.

The 'GiveEnchants' will add a bunch of weapons to your inventory, they contain all enchantment and require you to disenchant in order to learn. I advise you to stand in front of a enchantment table before using this as it may make you over encumbered.

The 'GiveSkills' will max out all skill trees to '100' and give you all perks. You level will also be set to 81. Make sure you backup your save in case you do not like being a god of skyrim.

The 'GiveShouts' will allows you access to every shout in the game, you do still need to buy the shout using a dragon soul so i have also made it add 100 souls for you too spend.

The 'GiveArtifacts' will give you all the unique weapons in the game, these are mainly deadric artifacts. You can still complete the quests and my limited testing shows it doesn't break anything. Let me know if you discover a problem.

The 'GiveDPMasks' will give you all the dragon priest masks without any of the fighting. You may still be able to obtain a duplicate by killing a dragon priest

Navigate to your main skyrim directory which at default is;
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim

To install place the text file (.txt) you want to use in this folder.

Load up the game and open the console using the ` key (the key left of 1)

bat text_file_name

So for example if you wanted to access all the spells type: bat GiveSpells

If i have missed any enchants or spells let me know and i will update the files.


Added 'GiveShouts'

Added 'GiveDPMasks'

Added 'GiveArtifacts'