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This is my latest house project. A cool and spooky home for the true necromancer or bad character. Also useable of course by your normal character, who likes a creepy atmosphere.

Permissions and credits

-) Skyrim updated
-) Dawnguard DLC
-) Dragonborn DLC (if you use Hilltop House Advanced)

Big thanks to insane0hflex for this great and awsome review of my little house mod. Please visit his chanel and rate his videos and subscribe to them. Definatly worth it.
insane0hflex's Videos

Well I am happy to present you my latest home, which is kinda also right for the Halloween time now. Tho it's not intended or styled to be a total Halloween home.
It offers you a creepy atmosphere inside and outside a beautiful look around. Why???? Because it's placed on a Hilltop. Yes it's really on a hilltop and you can reach
it through a dangerous but fully Navmeshed path.
Inisde the house you have a lot of great modders resources well placed to make the look totally creepy and horrible. It's intended to be used either by a vampire or
a assassin of the Dark Brotherhood. Or just a necromancer. Be creative!!
Under the house you will find a custom Dungeon or cave, which offers you a more humble look and all crafting and smithing facilities, except a smelter. You can also
store there your armors or weapons and make your posions at the Alchemy workbench.

Let's start with the list of features this mod offers you.


o) Dangerous but full navmeshed pathway to the house
o) A nice view from the house terrace, where you can sit down and look around
o) Custom or individual house with new Wall textures


o) REALLY a lot of creepy stuff and Skeletons, blood and cut off Heads
o) Dinning table and bed for one person
o) Cooking pot
o) Bookshelf which is also a normal Drawer
o) A lot of creepy placed skulls under the floor and above your head! Just look up!
o) Custom made Enchanting altar and storage facilities
o) A blood altar which gives you a bonus
o) Well designed lightning
o) Fully navmeshed of course


o) Custom design and full navmesh
o) 5 Mannequins and some weapon racks
o) Cool lightning
o) A alchemy workbench
o) All smithing and crafting facilities except a smelter
o) Storage facilities
o) Small garden

Klick on the download with NMM manager button and install the mod.

If you want to install this mod manually, you have to download it and unpack the archive somewhere. After you unpacked it drop the HilltopHouse.esp and .bsa into your Skyrim/Data folder. Later on chose your prefered launcher and activate the .esp.

Again I suggest using the NMM, which provides a much easier way to handle mods.

Deactivate the mod in the NMM mod list and delete it afterwards.

Remove the HilltopHouse.esp and .bsa from your Skyrim/Data folder.

Q: Is this mod cleaned with TES5Edit?
A: Yes ofc. it was cleaned and checked with it.

Q: Where is the house located?
A: You can either look the Screenshots on the mod page or in the folder

Q: Could you add this and that for me?
A: Just post it in the comments and I'll see what I can do.

Q: Why no quest or sth. like that?
A: Sadly I am not good enough to make quests atm.

o New room integrated into existing cave
o Various Bugfixes
o Dragonborn Spidermachine and Staff Enchanter added
o You will find a new thrall if you are a vampire
o The smelter has also been added
o New decoration items to make it even creepier Thanks to Vicn

Blary for his fantastic resources I used ------> Blary's Profile
Oaristys & Tony67 for their fantastic Modders Resource pack ------> Oaristys Profile
stoverjm for his great new open books resource -----> stoverjm's Profile
Vicn for this great objects resource he made ------> Vicn's Profile
Bethesda for creation of the game and the CK

[size=+2]Finally don't forget to enjoy the mod and the game !!![/size]


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