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for DALLs - Skyrim_Scars



Skyrim_Scars is cosmetics - beauty mod which changes how Skyrim - facial Scars and various slash wounds look.*

* Word of warning - my "cosmetic" mods - regardless of being adult or not - are made to provide for natural / life-like good looks - so they might not be right for you - if you are seeking some wild / day-dream fantasy!

In real life, scars are very seldom considered as desirable but in games like Skyrim, they are - almost - equal to beauty marks (spots). Regardless of your personal opinion, they are very present part of game and as such, you can not avoid seeing or using them.

Ones supplied with game unfortunately were part of downscale (texture) massacre Bethesda has done - probably to fit everything there on one disk - and as such they are extremely small - read fuzzy n vague. In my version, their textures are much larger and detail in them has been reworked anew. Due to this there is now up and downside to them - depending where your preferences are. Forget those peevish n fuzzy game scratches which just love to shine like in-built reflectors - these new ones (slash wounds not healed scars) would bleed if there were mechanism for that ;) - but joke aside they indeed look more prominent and realistic - so think of that when creating your new - heavily scared / veteran character. This of course - only if she or he is supposed to look pretty / good. ;)

To install you need to navigate to your Steam/SteamApps/common/skyrim - game folder and paste / drag n drop in it my Data (mod) folder. Allow overwrite!

If you don't like this new look, simply delete / remove my facedetails texture files from Data/textures/actors/character/male and original look will be restored to your game.

Bugs/conflicts: none known - but if you like them - take care not to overwrite them by accident!

Note on v1.1: Some minor improvements in scar-detail and reasonable change of scar colours. v1.1 ones are somewhat darker and closer to "real-thing" then v1.0 - so if you like them lighter and redder - keep on using v1.0 - but if you prefer them to be a bit darker - (reddish - brown) use / install v1.1 instead.

Free to use but if used for modding ask me for permission!

Enjoy and try to remember - if you like it even in a part - to give endorsement!

Thanks to Bethesda for great game.