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Changed scripts for better import and export of Skyrim mesh NIF data for Blender.
Also changed scripts for NifSkope to more streamlined Skyrim mesh editing.

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I looked at these scripts again to see if I could change anything else and noticed, like several comments said,
that the body partion (sbp_32_body) isn't exported correctly which was accurate.... it was wrong as it
was called sbp_32_torso. It would only affect export from blender if the name of the vertex group was
edited manually and not if you imported and let the naming be like it was.
A new version with correct naming have been uploaded, sorry for the late fix.

Modified NIF Scripts contain edited scripts and data files for both Blender and NifSkope.
They add and change much needed data when working with meshes for Skyrim.

>>>>> IMPORTANT !!!!
This is a set of original and modified scripts for import/export of nif
for skyrim and nif format xml for NifSkope.

If you use the modified scripts, for Blender, fallout 3 option will bascially
be the same as skyrim.
I just haven't renamed the option because many checks in the scripts
is depending on selection naming.

The modified scripts also remove and change several sections / options
so I guess that most game selections will no longer work correctly either.
Use these scripts only if you work with skyrim only.
Revert back to the originals if you like to work with other games.

The modified scripts for Nifskope don't break anything, just set
specific default values more in terms with Skyrim when inserting nodes
like BSLightingShaderProperty and BSShaderTextureSet.

If you only wish to use the XML for NifSkope or the ones for Blender
just use the respective files.

>>>>> Usage:

Blender scripts:
Before you import into blender you still need to change user properties from
12 to 11 and 83 to 34 and remove the BSShaderLightingProperties.
However, all Skyrim body part partions will be named correct.

Exporting will not export any extra nodes that you need to delete, like
stencil, materials and so on but you still need to remove the
scene root node and change user versions back.
Script will also export correct skyrim body parts.

If you want to create meshes for other games you should copy the original
scripts back again.

The included nif format xml file for NifSkope only change specific properties
for added nodes like BSLightingShaderProperty and the Texture set.
Flag skinned will now be set.
Emissive color is black instead of white.
Texture clamp is set to WRAP_S_WRAP_T.
Alpha, Glossiness, Specular strength, Lighting effect 1 and 2 is all set
to some medium default values.

Texture sets will have 9 slots instead of the default 6.

>>>>> Version:

>>>>> Note:
This is (was) a work in progress but it works perfectly fine as it is and will reduce amount of clicks needed drastically if you only work with Skyrim meshes.
I will probably not expand on these scripts.

If someone else wish to use this and build / improve upon it, go for it : )

>>>>> Last notes:
The included Readme contain file location information. which files you need to overwrite and so on but here it is if you wish to know : )

location: ...\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts\export\

location: ...\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts\import\

location: ...\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts\bpymodules\

file: nif.xml (the file for blender)
location: ...\Python26\Lib\site-packages\pyffi\formats\nif\nifxml\

file: nif.xml (the file for NifSkope)
location: ...\NifTools\NifSkope