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Overhauls melee weapon and archery sounds

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NOTE: This is a modular version of just the weaponry changes from Immersive Sounds - Compendium. For more in depth information please refer to Compendium's description page.
The module should have the same content found in Compendium, but it's good to always assume that Compendium is the most up to date version.

As of 2.0 this mod requires Dawnguard.

WEAPON EQUIP - All sounds for drawing and unsheathing melee weapons have been overhauled. The default choice retains the sharp stylized fantasy ideal, but you can also choose to install smoother more realistic sounding variants.

WEAPON IMPACTS - All weapon impacts have been overhauled and also expanded upon so there are more unique impact types for each weapon and the kinds of surfaces they hit. The generic, pre-loaded impact sound has also been removed so that the correct impact sound will always play. By default the impact sounds are louder and squishier (for flesh impacts) than in vanilla, but there are plenty of options to choose here. There's an alternative that isn't quite as intense, and there are also different timing options for both types.

WEAPON SWINGS - All of them overhauled. In particular one-handed axes and maces now use their own swing sounds instead of sharing the same type. By default they are stylized in a fantasy style where there's a distinct metallic elements on top of the swoosh noise, but once again you are offered a more modest option here without the metallic sounds.

SHIELDS & BLOCKING - All shield blocks and bashes have been overhauled (in addition to blade parrying), but it doesn't end there. The blocking sounds have been expanded upon so that both light and heavy shields now react differently to the size of the weapon being blocked. So blocking a dagger will now no longer make the same sound as if you were blocking a giant warhammer.

RANGED WEAPONS - Bow and crossbow sounds have been overhauled, in addition to the impact sounds for arrows and bolts. For bows you can choose between 3 different types: the default which has a distinct arrow whistle noise when firing, an alternative which has diminished arrow whistling, or a third one with no audible arrow whistle at all.