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This is the collection of the batch files compiled by me to fix the common problem with the NPC head separating from the body. It is caused by the fact that the NPCs weight is stored in the savegame file and not updated when you apply or remove a mod which makes changes to the NPCs weight.


1. Download manualy the files needed for your mods. Extract the files and put them in the main Skyrim game folder i.e. C:\Program Files\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim\

2. Start the game, load your save and go to one of the towns.

3. Press ~ on the keyboard and enter the command: bat (filename) for example: bat W-IOS-NPC and press enter. You will see lots of lines and loads of errors also. Do not worry about the errors, they just mean you have not encountered the specific NPC yet and when you do it will have a proper weight.

4. Do this for all the files downloaded, but remember, enter them in the same order as your plugins appear in the load order list.

5. You may wonder why the NPCs heads colour has changed, Don't worry about that, open the map and fasttravel to another town.

6. All the headgaps should disappear and when you come back to the previous town all the head discoloration should be gone.

7. Save your game in the new slot.


W-DW-COM and W-DW-EW added in one archive for
Decent Women by FurArmor

W-V-SKYR added for Vanilla Skyrim NPCs weight list. (no DLCs included, which will come later)
Run this if you have neck gaps after you have uninstalled all of the NPC mods affecting NPCs weight.

Inhabitants of Skyrim - NPC Overhaul

Inhabitants of Skyrim - Follower Addon

W-XCR for
Xvision Children - Redone

W-EEC for
Ethereal Elven Overhaul

If you have all four mods installed i strongly suggest the following order of the batch commands:

bat W-XCR
bat W-EEC

Also the loading order of the mods must be as above or you may encounter the kids with mature/oversized heads, or elves with different head/body colour.


I've tried my best to include as many NPCs as possible, but for some of them there is no RefID available anywhere on the net. If you will find an NPC which is not covered by the batches, please let me know their RefID (press ~ and click on the affected NPC in the close encounter.) I will try to update the list to cover the missing NPCs.

If you still have neck gaps after running the batches it can only mean that you have some other mod affecting NPCs weight, or incompatible body/armor mesh with vanilla heads.

Theese batches are not meant to fix a neck seams caused by texture mismatches.