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Added: 20/10/2013 - 09:18PM
Updated: 31/10/2016 - 11:54PM

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Last updated at 23:54, 31 Oct 2016 Uploaded at 21:18, 20 Oct 2013

This mod changes the way magic works by swapping the magic damage boost from potions and the reduced Magicka costs from apparel.
On top of this, destruction perks and potions (now apparel) no longer boost the damage done by weapon enchantments.

Now available for the Special Edition:
Simple Magic Rebalance

While this is not the first mod to do this, it is the first to combine these;
Which is a pitty, because these changes do influence each other quite noticably.

Let me explain in detail:
Potions of destruction for example boost the damage done by destruction spells and elemental enchantments on weapons.
The fortify destruction enchantment that you can find on robes lowers the Magicka consumption of these spells.

Switching the two makes for a nice and Simple Magic Rebalance. You gain a constant damage-, duration- and power-boost for your spells, but Magicka consumption becomes much more of a concern. This offers a nice incentive even for high-level mages to invest heavily in Magicka.
"No Magicka cost for spells" becomes a situational short time boost from potions.
And to battle the high Magicka costs a bit, Magicka cost increase from the dual casting perks has been lowered from 2.8 to 2.5.

Since weapon echantments benefit from this as well, I felt they should be excluded. Melee and ranged damage is pretty strong already.
(If you feel Two-Handed is a bit lacking, check out my other mod Simple Two-Handed Rebalance)

Requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn
The effects on items may not work propperly, when you wear magic apparel when installing this mod. Please put off all magic apparel before activating the esp.

The downside of Simple Magic Rebalance is that Augmented Flames/Frost/Shock no longer work on weapon enchantments. The upside to the downside here is, that the huge exploitable damage boost that could be achieved with the chaos enchantment is killed by this, too.
(You can use version 1.3 if you do not like this change)

USKP is required for this to work propperly. Without USKP apparel enchantments will be boosted by restoration potions. With this mod they become boosted by restoration apparel. With this mod and USKP everything is fine however; the xxploit is squashed.
The only thing the USKP didn't touch were the weapon enchantments. Therefore those have been covered by this mod to prevent weapon enchantments from becoming too strong.
This is especially important when using other mods, that boost magic damage even further. I personally recommend Mastered Magicka by Eps01 for this. Simple Magic Rebalance is specifically designed to work well in conjunction with it.
If you are looking for an alternate mod, that combines the two and adds some extra tweaks while also offering configuration options for players, i sugest you try out Awakened Magicka by jimkaiseriv.

If you are looking for a stronger or weaker skill level dependence of the Magicka cost of spells (that is: you think the spells now cost too much Magicka for you to cast at skill level 100), I suggest using SkyTweak with this Mod.