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This is just a starter chest found outside riverwood on the right & in front of the bridge to whiterunn, its mostly buried but still accessible, It has Daedric Armor set, Light Elven Armor set. it has a Daedric Bow & 65535 Daedric Arrows, A Daedric Greatsword & Warhammer, 2 Ebony daggers, a Daedric Dagger of the Vampire & a Daedric Dagger of Subsuming, 4 spell books (Clairvoyance, Grand Healing, Invisibility & Transmute Mineral Ore), a pickaxe (for all you miners), 999 lockpicks & some daedric armor for disenchanting.

There is also a second chest hidden somewhere in whiterun :) with over 1.3 million in gold & a crapload of ingots this hidden chest is a must find :) just so you know i wont be giving any more info on where to find this hidden chest as thats the point in it being 'hidden'