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What this overhaul does is add new skills to shouts making lesser used shouts more appealing.

Below is a list of changes. I am open to suggestions on balance leave a comment. Keep in mind this is meant for Master difficulty and hard difficulty mods. It will make the default game to easy.

Become Ethereal Shout--- Now also restores Large amount of Health and magic energy. with a long cool down.

Kyrne Peace Shout --- Now also restores a Medium amount of Life with a medium cool down.

Aura Whisper--- Now also restores a small amount of health and large amount of stamina with a short cool down. Now also adds cure disease, and feather for 60, 90,and 120 seconds.

Whirlwind Sprint --- Now sprints farther, adds Feather effect and underwater breathing for 60, 90, 120 seconds.

Animal Allegiance --- Now also restores small amount health, magic, and stamina. with short medium cool down. Now, also increases damage of one handed , two handed, marksman, and destruction by 20, 30, 37 percent for 30 seconds. With a visible effect.

Elemental Fury --- The Thu\'um Blast all everyone within 25 ft. Grants Magic resist for 5 sec. and imbues your arms with the speed of wind, allowing for faster weapon strikes. However, your weapon must have no enchantment, same cool down. Also, Now adds elemental effect for 15 sec\'s.(Flame, frost, shock cloak)

Unrelenting Force --- Now does 20, 30, 50 damage up from 2, 5, 10

More shouts to come. Once I get some feedback. So Leave a comment.

Let me know if you have a problem.

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