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a remodel of all player homes, 4 versions, from very small modifications to bigger versions with room for lots of kids and all kinds of extras.

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Now all in one easy installer.
STEP 1: Choose your options GeneralStores or Not General Stores
Step 2: Choose the house package you want
Step 3: Something miraculous happens(installation)
Step 4: PROFIT!

You work hard for your houses…why are they so blah…and full of junk.  I mean, so many useless sacks.  Ugh!

Ok…so, there is still some junk…but lots of Not Junk!  Intrigued yet?

Still in one ESP per house pack!
New Modular Version, one esp per house, just pick what you like.  loose file version only, no BSA available.

Standard Version
Option 1: Vanilla Remodel, no extra beds.  This is just small remodel to keep your alchemy and enchanting tables once you build a children’s room.  It just ensures that your houses  all have enchanting and alchemy tables: Breezehome, Honeyside, Hjerim, Proudspire Manor, and Vlindrel Hall.
Option 2: Vanilla Remodel with Extra Beds: This builds a bigger and better room for your kids, up to 6 of them to be exact.  It works great with Hearthfire multiple adoptions  but does not require it to adopt 2 children.  This also adds working butter churns to all the homes to make cheese.  CHEESE!!  Respawinging Salt barrel in every kitchen for butter making needs.   Also updates the AI on housecarls, so now they go shopping during the day, visit the pub, and hang out around the house…and I don’t mean sit in your room and stare at you. Very creepy.  Timed lighting for days vs. night, after all, the sunlight does not come in all the time.
Option 3: Vanilla Remodel with extra beds plus Hearthfires: This does everything above…except that you
have to use the Hearthfire multiple adoptions to adopt children in the Hearthfirehouses.  I did not want to risk messing up the quests, or conflicting with anything that changed them.  So just go get that mod, it is awesome anyway, and grab all the urchins you can find, because you have a place for them now!  As an added bonus, all of the Hearthfire basements have been sandboxed for your housecarl and now everybody who lives there gets their own bed. Lovely!  Plus, there is wine making  and maturation with new textures,new recipes, and lots of awesome.  I had to bug the crap out of my husband to make those labels, but I think they are good.  Don’t forget you can milk the cowsat your home for a gallon of milk every day, turn it into butter or cheese in the churn, and cheese can be matured for stronger effects.  Also, you get an awesome master bedroom (with bath that turns on and off), library, alchemy and enchanting lab, kitchen, 6 child bedroom, mannequins, weapon racks, and…I could keep going, but check out
the pics!
Option 4: Hearthfire Houses only:  By popular demand (and thanks to someone telling me how to remove parts of a mod in TESVEdit) there is now an
option for the Hearthfire homes only. Comes with everything seen above…except for the original houses. 
Option 5:  I WANT IT ALL!!:  You just hit the jackpot.  You get all vanilla homes, all hearthfire homes, the new Severin Manor player house (it has lots of cool new stuff!), a new room in the thieves guild that builds as you complete radiant quests, and an upgraded room in the Dawnstar Sanctuary.
Modular Version
Just download, pick General Stores or Not, and choose which houses you want to have.  See IMPORTANT note on Hearthfire Houses

If you have been inside a home without this mod, follow the steps in the readme tab to reset your homes. This works best on a new save!

IMPORTANT: You must build remodeled wings for this work correctly on the Hearthfire Houses I have renamed these as West Wing Remodel, North Wing Remodel, and East Wing Remodel. Also, since the rooms are completely redone, none of them can be previously decorated.  Otherwise things will go really haywire. I have tried to remove the option of not being able to build other wings…but since I am working on another mod, I have not testing it with more than Lakeview Manor…that worked fine. For Modular Version, you must build the Armory, Bedroom, and Storage Room wings for this to work.  I could not rename them as I did in the single esp version

This will conflict with any other mod that changes the houses...including some lighting mods and Alternate Start.  For Alternate Start, please ensure that this mod is loaded after that one.  It should fix the problem.  This also edits the AI on residents of your homes, so it will conflict with those as well.  Some of these can be resolved by changing up load order, so don't forget to LOOT!  If you would like to request a patch, please let me know.  I do not guarantee that I will do it, but I can try.

Cleaned with TESV Edit, all houses are all navmeshed.

Hearthfire DLC for versions 1 and 2

Options 3, 4, and 5 require Dragonborn

and if you use the General Stores Version, it requires GeneralStores

This looks even better with these awesome mods:
Pottery Recolor
Designs of the Nords
Detailed Rugs

Also: many thanks to other modders for awesome resources:

Insanity Sorrow: Towels,Soap, charts, rugs, and various awesome.

jacknifelee: Skyrim ToyStory

Runspect: Resources formodders

BrettM: FPI ExperimentPack 1

mrpdean: Lakeview Manor -Custom and modular vanilla meshes

Blary: Food ContainerResource and Moth in a Cage

berticus0001: BertsHearthfire Dairy Goods Upgrade

Lilith: RectangleRug Collection as well as other awesome things

Yournotsupposedtobehere: RugResiources

Artismanix: Paintingsand Frames

Tamira forconverting so many of Strotis Resources

Jaderoyale: PotteryRecolor

Also to my not a modder husband who helped me learn GIMP and recolor rugs and
cows, and made all the labels for my custom wines and meads.

If I have missed anyone, I am sorry. It is possible, I will fix it if you just
let me know or I remember on my own.