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Teaches player all shout words

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Teaches player all shout words. Included all Skyrim, Dawnguard and Dragonborn shouts. Have also added special shout "Summon spectral clone"

Skyrim shout words:
FUS = Force =Unrelenting Force
RO = Balance =Unrelenting Force
DAH (D4) = Push =Unrelenting Force
LAAS = Life =Aura Whisper
YAH = Seek =Aura Whisper
NIR = Hunt =Aura Whisper
IIZ (3Z) = Ice =Ice Form
SLEN = Flesh =Ice Form
NUS = Statue =Ice Form
STRUN = Storm =Storm Call
BAH (B4) = Wrath =Storm Call
QO = Lightning =Storm Call
YOL = Fire =Fire Breath
TOOR (T8R) = Inferno =Fire Breath
KREIN (SHUL) = Sun =Fire Breath
TIID = Time =Slow Time
KLO = Sand =Slow Time
UL = Eternity =Slow Time
WULD = Whirlwind =Whirlwind Sprint
NAH = Fury =Whirlwind Sprint
KEST = Tempest =Whirlwind Sprint
RAAN = Animal =Animal Allegiance
MIR = Allegiance =Animal Allegiance
TAH = Pack =Animal Allegiance
SU = Air =Elemental Fury
GRAH = Battle =Elemental Fury
DUN = Fury =Elemental Fury
FEIM = Fade =Become Ethereal
ZI = Spirit =Become Ethereal
GRON = Bind =Become Ethereal
FO = Frost =Frost Breath
KRAH = Cold =Frost Breath
DIIN = Freeze =Frost Breath
ZUL = Voice =Throw Voice
MEY = Fool =Throw Voice
GUT = Far =Throw Voice
ZUN = Weapon =Disarm
HAAL = Hand =Disarm
VIIK = Defeat =Disarm
LOK = Sky =Clear Skies
VAH = Spring =Clear Skies
KOOR = Summer =Clear Skies
HUN = Hero =Call of Valor
KAAR = Champion =Call of Valor
ZOOL = Legend =Call of Valor
JOOR = Mortal =Dragonrend
ZAH = Finite =Dragonrend
FRUL = Temporary =Dragonrend
KRII = Kill =Marked for Death
LUN = Leech =Marked for Death
AUS = Suffer =Marked for Death
OD = Snow =Call Dragon
AH = Hunter =Call Dragon
VIING = Wing =Call Dragon
KAAN = Kyne =Kyne's Peace
DREM = Peace =Kyne's Peace
OV = Trust =Kyne's Peace
FAAS = Fear =Dismaying Shout
RU = Run =Dismaying Shout
MAAR = Terror =Dismaying Shout

Dawnguard shout words:
Rii = Essence =Soul Tear
Vaaz = Tear =Soul Tear
Zol = Zombie =Soul Tear
Dur (D6) = Curse =Summon Durnehviir
Neh = Never =Summon Durnehviir
Viir (V3r) = Dying =Summon Durnehviir
Gaan (G1n) = Stamina =Drain Vitality
Lah (L4) = Magicka =Drain Vitality
Haas (H1s) = Health =Drain Vitality
Diil (D3l) = Undead =Soul Cairn Summon
Qoth = Tomb =Soul Cairn Summon
Zaam (Z1m) = Slave =Soul Cairn Summon

Dragonborn shout words:
Mid = Loyal =Battle Fury
Vur (V6) = Valor =Battle Fury
Shaan (Sh1n) = Inspire =Battle Fury
Gol = Earth =Bend Will
Ha (H4) = Mind =Bend Will
Dov = Dragon =Bend Will
Ven = Wind =Cyclone
Gar (G1r) = Unleash =Cyclone
Nos = Strike =Cyclone
Mul = Strength =Dragon Aspect
Qah (Q4) = Armor =Dragon Aspect
Diiv (D3v) = Wyrm =Dragon Aspect

Special shout:
Fiik - Mirror =Summon Spectral Clone
Lo - Deceive =Summon Spectral Clone
Sah - Phantom =Summon Spectral Clone

Just copy the file into your Skyrim Data directory. Open console in game and type "bat addshouts".

You still need to unlock the shouts, so I've added 87 dragon souls so you're able to unlock all shouts immediately.