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875 Unique skulls are scattered throughout Skyrim. Some are hidden in plain site, others are dungeons and caves and in the wilds and others still must be taken from pers

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Scattered across Skyrim are a highly desirable and collectable collection of 875 Skulls. Hidden in plain sight, no one seems to know where they came from, although there may be a clue on a decapitated skeleton in the Midden Dark.
You may find them in ruins or dungeons or mines or in the abodes, habitations and on the persons of the good and bad people and creatures of Skyrim. Some may be scattered high in the mountains or in the wilds.
Beautifully defined and each one unique they make a fine adornment to any Dovahkiin player home.

Ideal for any stage of play through. A scavenger Hunt of epic scale.

This mod is compatible with all other mods, and is not demanding on your computer.

No DLC required.

As usual I recommend the mod \'Unlimited Bookshelves\', which will make it easier to place these wicked Skulls neatly on the shelves ;)

They can be divided clearly into five collections or other collection variables of your choosing, but these main five groups are in prescribed areas as follows:
The Dunlain Collection are found in the easiest to find places, in the city centres in plain sight.
The Black Collection are located upon persons (for pick pocketing or more merciless methods),
The Green collection are situated in more far out places.
The Blue and red collections for slightly more locatable skulls, but more far out than the Dunlain collection

I have also created a space to display them you an find it here on the nexus or on steam: Dovahkiin Sanctuary.

I have added a book by request in the Midden Dark which lists the skull names, it is with the Green collection.

If anyone has a problem with the textures try thinking with your eyes and not a technical mind. If you take a paper and blot a shape by folding it does not the spaces define the shape, although simple it\'s an art. None of the skulls have see through bits.

Happy hunting.