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More hardcore and balanced experience. Delayed potions, vendors rebalance, rarer high-end weapons, armors, minerals and soul gems at vendors, rebalanced smithing, items dismantling, schematics requirement, loot rebalance, mods merging, and more

Permissions and credits


The purpose of this mod is to rebalance the game to be more "hardcore" and rewarding.

NEWS : Unfortunatly, it seem this mod is no more fully compatible with 1.7 and 1.8 version of skyrim. As I didn't work anymore on HBE, I giving all permission to any modder to use, modify and redistribute my mod.


- Completly reworked vendors : The more valuable the items, the rarer. Ingots, Soul Gems, Weapons and Armors are affected.
- Weapons and armors are more random. You will not always find each type anymore(helmet, cuirass, boot, gauntlet, mace, sword, etc...).
- Rarer enchanted items (20% chance instead of 100%).
- Delayed at vendors steel, leather, orcish, hunting bows and imperial bows to avoid buying them from level 1.
- Added missing hide and iron armors at vendors.
- Added missing imperial bow at vendors.
- Removed Ebony, Glass, Elven and Dwarven items by default. Rarer options are available in installer.
- Removed Filled soulgems by default. Rarer options are available in installer.
- Removed all ingots, ores, pelts, leathers and leather strips by default. Rarer options are available in installer.
- Reduced overall quantities of ingots, ores, pelts, leathers and leather strips.
- Modified barter ratio, 3 versions available :
> (High) At 0 skill, buying is multiplied by 9, and selling is divided by 9. At 100 skill, buying is multiplied by 6, and selling is divided by 6.
> (Medium) At 0 skill, buying is multiplied by 6, and selling is divided by 6. At 100 skill, buying is multiplied by 3, and selling is divided by 3.
> (Vanilla) At 0 skill, buying is multiplied by 3,3, and selling is divided by 3,3. At 100 skill, buying is multiplied by 2, and selling is divided by 2.


- Delayed some leveled loots on bandits, vampires, forsworn and chests, to match the vendors modifications.
- Steel weapons is set to level 6 instead of level 1.
- Orcish weapons is set to level 9 instead of level 6.
- Studded and Banded Iron armors is set to level 3 instead of level 1.
- Hunting bows is set to level 3 instead of level 1.
- Boss and best chests are left untouch. (So steel can be looted from level 1 from them).
- Regular bandits will not be equipped with "rare" items anymore (elven, glass, etc).


- Modified Restore health, magicka and stamina potions to restore health progressivly over-time rather than instantly. (5 seconds)
For crafted potions, only new one will be concerned. Potions effect can't be accumulated between them, only the strongest potion will work at once.


- Smithing perk tree has been completly redone. Instead of having an heavy and light branch, you will now have a weapons and armors branch.
- Smithing or dismantling requires the corresponding schematics. They can be looted from dungeon chests or purchased at blacksmiths and are level-scaled.
- Each perk of smithing will allow you to improve ALL weapons and armors, up to twice as much if you get the master smithing perk.
- Rare schematics will not be available at blacksmiths by default (ebony, dragon, daedric, etc...), to match modifications done to vendors.
- Arrows crafting : Iron, Steel, Dwarven, Elven, Orcish, Ebony and Daedric.
- Long, Hunting, Imperial bows and silver weapons are added to the crafting list.
- Weapons and armors dismantling. Dismantling gives scraps, and 3 scraps are required to craft an ingot.
- Smithing progression has been delayed in order to force the player to use more low-end equipements at the beginning.
- Daedric and Dragon equipements can now only be crafted at the Skyforge of Whiterun.
- Schematics are "consumed" like spell tome.


- No fast travel. 3 options : Enabled, Limited (Only near owned horse), Disabled.
- Reduced carry weight. 4 options : 300 (Vanilla), 200, 100, 50.
- Slow leveling by reducing skill gain. 4 versions : x0.70, x0.50, x0.30, x0.10.
- Slow leveling : Enchanting and pickpocketing are slowed down a little bit more, and crafting will be less reduced.
- Multi-language support :
> French
> Polish (Credits to TomBrightblade)
> Japanese (Credits to Wasser13)
> Russian (Credits to Vakmus)

Fusion patchs

"Fusion patchs" are done to easily merge other mods with HBE. Just activate them from the installer after installing the corresponding mod and your done.
Depending of the option you choose in the installer, fusion patch will not have the same behaviour :

> If the smithing overhaul is enabled, new crafts will use the HBE skill tree with the schematics requirement. They will be available at vendors and loot.
If disabled, new craft will use the vanilla skill tree without schematics requirement.

> If the loot overhaul is enabled, new items will be directly available at loot (bandits, chests, boss, etc...)
If disabled, new items can't be looted.

> If the vendors overhaul with the option "vendor - equipement" is enabled, new items will be available at vendors, depending of the option you choose (no rare or rarer)
If disabled, new items will not be available at vendors.

It's recommended to not use a fusion patch if you don't want the smithing and loot part at less.

Fusion patchs are available for :

- Weapons of Third Era MoS edition v1.41
- Lore Friendly Armor Pack v1.7.2
- Dragon Bone Weapons Complete v1.05

More information about HBE can be found at my images page or by checking this datasheet

Highly recommanded mods to complete the hardcore experience

- Deadly Combat (Great combat overhaul, also rebalance armor rating, damage, etc...)
- Phitts Alchemy and Food Overhaul (Nice alchemy modifications, do not use delayed potion with it)
- Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival (A Hypothermia, Cold Water, and Camping Survival Mod)
- Harder lockpicking and useful perks (Lockpicking will be more hardcore)
- Imps More Complex Needs (Hunger mod)
- Live Another Life (Great alternate start)
- Cart in Each Big Town (Usefull with no fast travel)
- Balanced Magic (Some balance to magic)
- Deadly Dragons (Real dangerous dragons)
- Weapons and Armor Fixes (Fix lot of wrong stats on items)
- Deadly Traps and Sickly Diseases (More dangerous traps)
- SkyUI (Best UI ever)

Frequently Asked Questions

> Question : In my game, some items description say "lockup failed!", what happen ?

It sometimes happens if you have checked "multi-language" in the HBE installer and if you are using a game language that is not translated by HBE.
Reinstall HBE with "forced english" in the installer and HBE will be in english.
It is also possible to translate the corresponding string files with Skyrim Strings Localizer and to send me the translation. I will add the translation to my next update.

> Question : Schematics do not appear at vendors ! / I want to load HBE vendors modification at last !

You can use HBE_VendorsXXX.esp and HBE_Smithing to override HBE vendors change made by others mods by placing it where you want in the load order (preferably at last).

> Question : The game CTD with the new version !

Using one of the fusion patches without the corresponding data can cause CTD. At first, make sure you have installed the corresponding mods before using them.

> Question : I still see ingots, steel dagger and steel shield from Alvor at Riverwood at level 1, even if I use no rare items at vendors ?

If you look around, you will see some items on the table near Alvor. You will notice that all items on the table are in the Alvor selling list. These are only "static" items.

> Question : I can't craft jewelry ! Nothing show up at forge. What happen ?

Jewelry needs schematics. Silver types are available at level 1 and golden types are available at level 10.

> Question : Where can I find schematics ?

Common schematics are available at any blacksmith. Schematics are random and leveled, so do not expect to find them all everytime.

> Question : Do I need to restart for using this mod ?


> Question : What happen to my smithing perk tree if I enable the mod on my current save ?

Perks on the heavy armors smithing branch will be changed to the corresponding armors smithing perk.
Perks on the light armors smithing branch will be changed to the corresponding weapons smithing perk.
So, for exemple, if you take 2 perks on Elven Smithing and Advanced Armors, it will be changed to Apprentice Weapons Smithing and Adept Weapons Smithing.
In fact, only perk name are changed, so there is also no problem if you desinstall the mod after.

Change log

Click on version number in the mod header.


Use Nexus mod manager.

Fusion patchs tutorial

For modders, fusion patchs tutorial can be found here
You are free to make and upload them anywhere without my permission. I can also add them in the HBE installer if you send me the file.


Bethesda for the game.
Skyedit Team
Lifestorock for his compatibility patch for Lore Friendly Armor Pack and Dragon Bone Weapon Pack.
TomBrightblade for his Polish translation.
Wasser13 for his Japanese translation.
Vakmus for his Russian translation.
Snotgurg for his help on potions. (accumulating effect and price)


English is not my mother tongue, I apologize for spelling errors.
Thank you for understanding.