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Adds in several kinds of chain mail armor.

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Update information: A few new things, New armor variant, new helmet variant, Tweaks, and a chance for you to find armor pieces on bandits.

Includes two kinds body armor, Gloves, Coif, Mantle, and Boots; and is in both heavy and light variants. Found under the Steel tab, and can be crafted for about the same cost as iron armor. Protection is roughly the same level as steel armor, if not slightly better. All parts but the mantle can be tempered.

NOTE: There are some clipping issues and small rigging errors. These are Bethesda's fault more then mine. Mix and match armor pieces to minimize clipping. Would love if someone fixed any issues on the mesh (I can't rig very well).

Just drag the contents into your steam\apps\common\skyrim folder

Known Issues: Mantle don't scale, so they are provided in different sizes. Clipping may still occur though.