No Psychic Lock Knowledge by jackstarr
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Added: 10/10/2013 - 05:42PM
Updated: 17/04/2014 - 04:24PM

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Last updated at 16:24, 17 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 17:42, 10 Oct 2013

No Psychic Lock Knowledge v2
By jackstarr

This simple mod removes the visual tag that lets you know if a lock is apprentice, adept, master, etc. - now you need to try and pick the lock and judge the difficulty level yourself!

No difficulty settings are changed, it just removes the visual tag that gives you some sort of psychic prior knowledge before you even attempt to pick the lock.

How can you know what level a lock is just by looking at it - when visually they all look identical?!

It removes the level of the lock from displaying both when you look at a locked door or chest, and in the lockpicking mini-game screen. Use your skill and experience to judge how difficult a lock is!

This mod was made by request for gdsmth.

UPDATED 17 April 2014.
What's new? If you use SKSE, thanks to Quad2Core, this mod now also hides the text in the lockpicking menu referring to "lock level", as it was odd to see text saying "lock level:" when the lock level itself was removed! If you don't use SKSE then this text will remain.
This mod also now comes with an NMM installer - both versions of the mod (either completely empty or saying "[locked]") are included. YOU DO NOT NEED SKSE TO RUN THIS MOD, but if you use SKSE you get the extra feature.


NMM is the supported method of installation.

For the information of those installing manually:
File1 is the version without any text.
File2 is the version that says [locked].

Known (very minor) issue:
If you don't have SKSE then the visual tag when you hover over a lock will be removed, as will the details of the lock level itself in the lockpicking menu, but the text in the loackpicking menu that says "lock level:" will not be removed. If you later install SKSE then the "lock level:" text will not be removed until you start a new game. This may be fixed in a future version.
If you already have SKSE installed when you install this mod, or start a new game after installing this mod, then the issue won't arise.


No Empty Tag on Empty Containers:
This mod attempts to improve immersion by removing the tag that says "empty" on an empty container, letting you know it's empty (through some sort of hidden psychic power) before you even look inside! It also removes the triangle icon as well - so there's no clue as to whether the container is empty or not before activating it.