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Hunter Archer light armor for Skyrim

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Hunter Archer Armor

by protese

I created this mod for me , but I think I should share with you !
This mod is my version of an archer and hunter as I imagine ( I'm a fan of the series ARROW )

This mod adds Hunter Archer light armor for Skyrim . It is manufacturable in any forge and can be improved and enchanted .
you can find it in the section Leather.
The mod includes : Archer Armor , hood ( I created starting from scratch in Blender inspired by the hood of ARROW ) , boots and gloves .

1. The armor is not compatible with other armor because I had to slightly shift the position of the pieces .

2 . The armor is only for men , for women clothing appear Thief Guild .

3 . enb used : Bleak ( only use this I can not say how it will look with another enb )

4 . I'm not a modder just curious and despite having hundreds of amazing mods of which I am a card-carrying fan here in the Nexus as you all felt that something was still missing , so I decided to face the challenge of learning the basics of Blender , and many other programs NifScope I read very rush back but it was worth was satisfied with the result , I am aware that this is no supermod how many I looked seize and thought : My God ! this guy is too good , looked at the files . nif them in Blender textures in PS and drooled over by the quality and dedication of this work and the quality of these jobs insentivado did my best within the little knowledge I have.

I take the time to thank all the Modders without exception , Armor , Retextures , Animations , bug fixes and other categories , Skyrim is only that this success is thanks to the efforts and dedication of you , my very sincere thanks.

And Bethesda for giving conditions and tools for Modders .

Hope you like it !


1.Extrair file
2.Copy content of the file in your Skyrim \ Data
3.Open the Skyrim launcher and check the HunterArcherCuirass.esp section Data Files


1.Uncheck the plugin esp
2.Delete all the files that came with the mod


Thank Ninivekha for your help with Blender without this help maybe the hood was not present in this mod .
Thank L0rd0fWar for allowing use of its port Witcher
Thank CaBaL120 for allowing use one of their textures
Thanks to Bethesda for knitwear


Please keep this file only in Nexus


Added links to all threads of the translations in French, English and Polish for this Mod:

Uploaded by hawkeen

Uploaded by themusician6

Uploaded by DanielPas

Thank you by the two translations friends


To those who asking female version inform you that I am trying to do it, may take a while but it will come out.

Obs. I was informed today by MP that the hood is not compatible with the beast races, never realized because I do not beast races game, per hour have much do to but later on will i see this and correct them if possible.

Available Variant Moss Green

Variant Robin Hood

This is moss green version, I have no intention to change it up because
I am already almost at the end of the process, missing only a few revisions
and tests.
The female version is likely to follow this path.

translated by google