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This mod adds the Gondorian Armors from the LOTR movies.

Permissions and credits
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This mod adds the Gondorian armor from the LOTR movies.
You can forge the armors and weapons at any forge as soon as you have the "Steel Smithing" perk. You will find them under "Imperial".

Alternatively, if you have difficulties finding some of the required materials, just type 'help gondor', help "tower guard', help "citadel guard" into the console to get their FormIDs and add them via player.additem (in German that would be "Gondor", Turmwache" and "Zitadellenwache").

Just place the contents of the .zip file into your Skyrim/Data folder and activate the .esp in your launcher.
Or load it with Nexus Mod Manager.

If you load the low resolution version make sure that you delete or overwrite the old archive.
Only download the full version or the low res version!

When using the German translation, keep only one of the .esps activated.

Version 1.0:
- Added Khajit and Argonian versions of all helmets and cuirasses
- Fixed clipping ears for Orcs and all Elven races
- Fixed the disappearing gauntlets for Khajits and Argonians
- Fixed some shoulder clipping of the female cuirasses
- Updated the ground models to show better what you're equipping
- Added a low res version for all who have problems with loading times
- Added a German translation
- Added cloakless versions of the Tower Guard and Citadel Guard cuirasses
- Increased the armor and damage ratings to ones that are similar to Daedric equipment

- Beards clip through the mask
- No mask for Khajits, Orcs or Argonians (this issue won't be addressed later)

Just look them up by clicking on "Perms", all relevant information is there.

Basically, you are allowed to use my work for any other non-commercial work, i.e. porting it as a mod for another game, retexturing it, translating it of course.

As long as you always credit me as the original author.

Special thanks goes to:
- J.R.R. Tolkien for creating his wonderful world
- The WETA team for designing these armors
- dptheslothking for creating the linked video

The development of this mod has been discontinued, unless there's a gamebreaking bug or I forgot something. I will not make any other Skyrim mod, including mods based on suggestions or requests.

If you want to see more of my work, you have to keep an eye for MERP team's new project:
The Lays of Althas: Sundered Order

In no way does the release of this armor represent a decision by the MERP team to continue their work in violation of the C&D. Any commercial use of the assets as of their release is strictly prohibited and furthermore I explicitly enjoin the MERP team from using this assets in the event they continue their work unless the C&D is lifted. In addition I want to point out that beside from me no one at the MERP team had their assistance in creating these assets. All assets were created by myself and if stock images etc. were used, their usage was explicitly permitted for both commercial and non-commercial use.
I do not claim any authorship of the underlying designs and these belong to their respective owners. Because of the nature of this mod neither is it able, nor do I plan to add any content that should make it able to compete with an already existing or planned game utilizing the LOTR license.