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Small graphics Modfication with enhanced effects, like SSAO, Bloom, realistic lights, color correction etc. Based on enb v102

Permissions and credits
I pruodly present my own realistic ENBseries v1.4 Settings.

I made my own stuff because I didn't like the other settings. As some Perple requested my mod, I decided to share them with the community.

Performance is affected by 5-6fps. Tried to find the balance between performance and good look.

Better performance boost than the acceleration layer =)

Enjoy the Game :D


1. Download the file
2. Open the .RAR
3. Extract all files into your main Skyrim directory
(program files>steam>steamapps>common>Skyrim)
4. Enjoy

For Uninstall just delete them.

Tested with Patch v1.1 and newest Steam Patch. Should work on other version as well.

Changelog v1.4:
  • NIghts redone
  • characters now look more realistic at night

Changelog v1.3:
  • Now based on new ENB Version 0.102
  • Completely Redone Colors, Contrast and lightning
  • Reduced Water brightnes at night
  • Corrected Fog at NIght, now gray^^
  • Changed Star, Northlight and Moon intensity and Saturation (again^^)

Changelog v1.12:
  • Added ATI/AMD Graphic Cards Fix as second d3d9_fix.dll
  • (Credits to zr1vetteowner for making this, I just use it)

If Game crashes, I'm afraid doesn't work. Unfortunately I can't test it, because i have a Nvidia Card. Just Use the Main files again.

Changelog v1.1:
  • Lights at night are not so intensive any more
  • Reduced Blur Effect,
  • Changed Star and Northlight intensity and Saturation
  • Less Bloom effect
  • Disabled SSAO by default

System Requirements
If your PC runs Skyrim smooth, then this mod should run fine too.
I Recommend a Mid-Range PC:

If Game crashes, try another Safegame. Maybe doesn't always work with the newest one.
Effects are turning on or off after few seconds when pressed SHIFT+F12 keys.
Set CyclicConfigReading=false in the enbseries.ini file. (needs to be added under [GLOBAL] )
In SkyrimPrefs.ini the parameter "bFloatPointRenderTarget" has to be 1.
Fog is too bright, this can be fixed by reducing FogColorMultiplier or increasing all lights intensity together.
Mod may not work correctly with other d3d9.dll
XFire, Afterburner and other overlay Software could cause problems. Close them while playing Skyrim

-Personal Note:-
For better Textures see this mod: Skyrim HD - 2K Textures
I use it and it looks really nice =D

If you find spelling mistakes you can keep them. =D

//sum rly bad name bulshyt here.... -.-'