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Added: 22/12/2011 - 05:43PM
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Falmer Clutter Texture Mod (Skyrim) (Texture Replacer) v1.0

Hello, these textures replace the hideous default Falmer hut, Falmer fence, Falmer bones, totems and chest textures with re-worked 4096x2 textures.

Before anyone says anything, these are the default textures upscaled to 4096x2 with basically just a few textures and filters applied. But i applied them very subtlety and at such a high res theyr not overly "photoshopped" looking.

Where the real detail shines are in the brand new bump maps! These are hand made from scratch, reworks of the originals with far more detail.

But the main problem is that the original textures are stretched allot and badly mapped to the mesh which in turn means i cannot really make these textures any smaller, i first made them at 2048x2 and they looked like crap, no detail at all... The defaults were 1024x2 and you could see how bad they were.

Oh and Bethesda decided to use the actual Chaurus creature textures for the Flamer chests and other clutter you see, so i had to slightly modify the Chaurus texture. But i ONLY upscaled the texture, and redid the bump map at a higher resolution. In other words the Chaurus creature is unchanged except it has a higher res, higher detailed bump map. This was the only way to make some of the Falmer clutter less blurry.

Anyway, imo these textures are allot better than the default and fit into the games original design. And atleast you wont want to barf every time you enter a Falmer cave now :P



Extract and move the data folder to your skyrim folder - click "yes to overwrite" if necessary.


-Delete the (Flamer hut) folder from Data/textures/Architecture

-Delete the (falmertotems) folder from Data/textures/Clutter

-Delete the (Chaurus) folder from Data/textures/actors




These are my textures, so you need to ask my permission to use them.