Bobs Boots for CBBE and UNP HDT REQUIRED by Beazalbob69
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Bob's Boots for CBBE
2ND Update! 12/13/2013. V8.3 adds a pair of Black Extreme Platform Ankle Boots. Make sure to install V8.2 1st.

Update! 12/13/2013. V8.2 Added 2 new pairs of Ankle Boots to the CBBE collection. The 1st pair are brown leather and fur lined and the 2nd pair are Pink Glitter and Platform. See pics. Just install update into data folder and overwrite when prompted.

Update! 12/13/2013 Adjusted the Transparency effect of the Transparent Boots for better results. Thank you z4xx for the suggestion.

Update! 12/12/2013. V8.1 Added a new pair of Ankle Boots to the CBBE collection. They are brown leather and fur lined. See pics. Just install update into data folder and overwrite when prompted.

Update!!! Added the _1.nif file to the non platform boots. Just extract to the data directory and overwrite file.

Update!!! Added the 1st pair of boots that I made for UNP (Black platform thigh highs. Separate mod. Box is right next to CBBE version.
Finally decided to upload this to the Nexus. High Heel Platform Boots for CBBE. 24 sets in all. Thigh High, Over the Knee, Under the Knee, and a set of non platform thigh high's. Different colors.
Bob's CBBE Boot Chest is located in Whiterun behind the smelter near the entrance to the city.
Chest has the Boots inside.

HDT is required to get the platforms to work properly.
You are permitted to mod or alter these to your little hearts content. If you want to re-upload anything just ask me 1st and give me credit for the original. 
HydrogensaysHDT for the high heels system.
Newmiller, Apachii and DonMichael71 as I studied their mods to figure out how to get it all working in the Creation Kit.
Bethesda for making this game so mod friendly. 
Change Log:

V8.1 Added Brown Leather Fur Lined Ankle Boots.
V7.2 Added Thigh High non platform high heel boots 3 versions Black Suede with black heel, All black suede, and Brown suede. New boots not weightslider compatible!!! made only for the CBBEV3_0.nif. All           boots are now craftable under leather.
v7.0 Added many new boots! Black, Brown, Purple and White Leather, Black, Purple, Red and White Patent. Re-tweaked textures using Envionment maps. All boots are weightslider compatible now they have         different 0 and 1 nifs.
v6.0 Added Red Patent Knee High Platforms with zippers, Brown Leather Thigh High Platforms with bone heels, Red and Transparent under knee platforms.
        Re-made textures and normal maps for original boots now look like patent leather (much better IMO).
v5.0 Added Chunky Heeled Boots.Weightslider.
       Raised Platform Boots height to 10.0 was 8.0.
v4.0 Re-weighted and further tweaks
v3.0 Added Bob's Boot Chest
        Added this readme
v2.0 Clipping fixed (hopefully)
        Added weightslider functionality
v1.0 Initial Release