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Increased the cost of inns, carriages, horses, houses and furniture.

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This very simple mod does just what it says on the tin: increase the costs of assets and services in Skyrim to be on a somewhat more realistic level. There are boatloads of mods out there that attempt to solve the issue of gold being worth nothing by making trading with merchants harder, but this throws the economy way out of balance in terms of realism, resulting in silly things like a potion being worth more than a house.

With this mod, I made the following changes to services:

Inn Room: 150g
Carriage: 250/400g
Sellsword Hire: 1000g
Horse: 2500g

I also substantially increased the price of houses and furniture. Purchasing all of a houses upgrades should cost just shy of half the houses purchase price.


Purchase Price: 15000g
Alchemy Lab: 1500g
Bedroom, Kitchen, Child's Room: 1000g
Living Room, Dining Room, Loft: 750g


Purchase Price: 20000g
Alchemy, Enchanting: 2000g
Bedroom, Kitchen, Child's Room: 1500g
Porch, Garden: 1000g

Vlindrel Hall:

Purchase Price: 25000g
Alchemy, Enchanting: 2500g
Bedroom, Kitchen, Child's Room: 2000g
Living Room, Hall: 1500g


Purchase Price: 40000g
Armory: 5000g
Alchemy, Enchanting: 2500g
Bedroom, Kitchen, Child's Room: 3000g
Living Room: 2000g

Proudspire Manor

Purchase Price: 50000g
Alchemy, Enchanting: 4000g
Bedroom, Child's Room: 3500g
Living Room, Kitchen: 3000g
Patio: 2500g

Hearthfire Manors:

Land cost: 35000g
Main Hall: 7500g
Small House: 5000g
Entrance Hall, Single-Story Wings: 2500g
Balcony Wings: 3000g
Tower Wings: 3500g

Note that the costs for all but land only apply if you choose to furnish the home through a steward; it's free to build the furniture yourself.

Hearthfire Extras:

Carriage: 5000g
Chicken: 250g
Cow: 1000g
Logs: 1000g
Stone: 500g
Clay: 200g

NOTE: If you need a place to stay while saving up for a house, remember that the Alchemy Shack near Ivastead can serve as a free starter home; the nightstand next to the bed is a safe storage container.

This mod changes only global variables and will not conflict with mods that change the function of things; such as horse mods or follower mods, unless they happen to alter the price globals as well. If in doubt simply load my mod BEFORE theirs, worst case scenario is that my prices will be overwritten by theirs.

I believe that this mod will only work on a new game. Sorry for any confusion I caused.

Suggested Mods:

Kryptopyr's Trade and Barter - Fully customizable mod that changes all things related to merchants. Complements my mod very well!

Svartberg's Increased Bounty and Guild Rewards - Allows you to actually make a living as a hero instead of a peddler.

Perseid's Inns and Taverns - Allows you to use any inn as a temporary home while saving for a house.

Manaflow's Travel Mounts - Make horses worth the investment!