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Project Skyrim HD - College of Winterhold Series

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Another Project Skyrim HD - brought to you by HXP

This Series is all about the College of Winterhold ! This MOd will bring you again finest HD Quality ! All Resolutions are 2048x2048 for Sharp HD Gaming Experience !

This Mod comes in 4 Different Versions

  • 1. Main File - Absolutely Lore Friendly HD Retexture of the College in Original slightly Blue Color Tint.
  • 2. Optional Download - The Same like the Main File but the Stones are Brown and there is a different Stone Wall with no Carvings
  • 3. Optional Download - Fancy Version - Not Lore Friendly Crazy Texture Experiment, Different Stone Wall and Borders..etc.. - I was just about to delete the Fancy Version but I have decided to Upload it. It just gives a strange feeling when walking through the College.
  • 4. Optional Download - Different Stonewall and Checkerfloor (The Floor Has some seems Visible though)

Any Support from your Side is Welcome ! Feel free to Upload your Screenshots and Share your Experience with this Mod in the Comment Section ! If you like it or not is none of my business. You dont like the look of the Textures ? - So dont force yourself to download and Install them. I will not push you to use my Mod !

For everybody who likes to Install this Piece of Work feel free to Enjoy your New College of Winterhold in different Variations !

Just want to Share this with you all - Have Fun and Enjoy !

Credits to Nexus and Bethesda !

Credits to Obsidian Dawn for 1 Brush I have used.


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