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Sorry for the long time in updating this. I had some family issues that took me out of the picture for a good six months. Now I am starting a new job. However I have not abandoned this!!! Prior to all that I was working on a SkyProc Patcher that would make this compatible with every new mod that came out. The idea was that would give me time to add features and new ideas without having to make patches for every single mod. I like some of your guys ideas! Anyway, I was really just starting with that since it requires me to learn some Java. (If anyone wants to help with that send me a PM.) Thanks for all the endorsements and downloads. I hope to have a new update in a couple of months. (Sooner if I can find some help!)

Tomes was designed to be a type of immersion mod. I didn't like how anyone could use any spell in Skyrim. Especially since people like Farengar hint at the fact that you need aptitude to be a great wizard. Thus I created a mod that keeps you from being able to learn new spells without at least the novice perk for that school. I have designed the perk requirements to be completely customizable.* For this you will need SkyUi. Without SkyUi the mod will still work, but you will not be able to set what perks are required and it will default to only needing novice.

As of yet this is just a beta mod. You will still get a notification that you have learned the spell, but the sound should be different and you should get a second message that says you destroyed the tomb without learning the spell. I also modified the starting player so that you DO NOT start with Flames and Healing.** (Again, you need the aptitude to use those spells.)

*NOTE: You can check all the options and then spells will only be learned if your perk level is high enough. i.e. You will need novice perk for novice, apprentice perk for apprentice, etc. However checking only apprentice will not require you to know apprentice to learn Novice level spells. The boxes only apply to that perk lvl spells and ABOVE

**NOTE: There seems to be a problem removing these from some characters. (See Known Issues)

  • Lore Friendly

  • Includes addons for both Dawnguard and Dragonborn

  • Fully integrated with SkyUi

  • Removes Flames and Healing from all players* (see Known Issues)

  • Learn spells only after taking perks a in desired school. This is controlled by SkyUi. If you un-check all the requirements then you will learn spells as normal.

  • Tomes are destroyed trying to learn spells

  • Dawnguard

  • Dragonborn

Thanks to norwalkvirus for the following:

  • Having a problem with certain characters not having Flames and Healing removed. This is with characters who are further along in the game. All the new characters I have made seem to work fine. Hope to fix this in the future. However if you go here DefiniteIntegral seems to have a mod that does that. I personally have not used it, but it seems popular.

  • Any tomes in your inventory will not be modified when you change the settings in SkyUi. (i.e. You will learn the spell even if you are not supposed to.) This can be solved by dropping and then picking the tome up again. I hope to fix this in the future.

  • The heading for Master perk in the SkyUi is lower case (i.e. "master" instead of "Master") I have now idea why this is. I spent several hours trying to solve this and have not come up with anything. I will agree with ApolloDown and say this is Skyrim Sorcery.

  • Add a SkyProc Patcher
  • Add lore friendly starting spells. There are some mods that try this already, but none have integrated lore. I hope to not only remove flames and healing, but allow the player to start with one (maybe more) novice level spell that they innately know how to do and include lore that would make this plausible. The idea being that you are Dragon born and as such have *some* differences from normal people and possibly also the reason for your capture. i.e. You have always been a lone wolf. Yet recently you have noticed that whenever you are in danger a wolf appears to protect you. Problem is you got scared around the wrong Imperial. (Thanks to Ruuak for this idea)

  • Find a way to get rid of the "LEARNED NEW SPELL" message when reading tomes. If anyone knows of a way to fix this let me know. I will keep looking.

  • Find and address bugs.