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Adds a Buyable unenchanted Robe into Toldfirs Shop

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Since i find the Arch Mage Robe ugly at finest and i dont wanted to play with armor; i decided it was time to retexture a robe.
I aimed for high quality. It was a lot more work than i thought and even with some tricks the gold lines took forever to do.

Thanks to Chachanshenlee ( i managed to add a non enchanted version into Toldfirs shop at the Mage College, so Kudo the shit out of him.

Recommend NMM for easy In/destallation.
If ur not using NMM; u know what to do with the files ;)

If u want a enchanted Version u have replace the Texture of one of the existing Robes.
texture are in the OPtional File
The Robe nor Replaces Novice there, for App u need 2 remae ir Robe_variant1 and for Adept u need rename it to "...riant2".


It would be Nice if someone is able to clean the dirt from the normal maps.
I have no clue how 2 do it and would really appreciate that.