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Falskaar Data Compendium


This project attempts to get hold of and summarize all relevant and important facts regarding the great and vast Skyrim modification Falskaar by AlexanderJVelicky. Since im a fan of the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages and seeing as how much I enjoyed Falskaar on the one hand and how much content it adds to the game on the other, I decided to dive into the mod and start this project. The outcome is, that I have listed within an Excel document most NPCs, Items, Quests, et cetera that are coming with Falskaar, each entry with its specific IDs. From version 1.1 onwards there is also an OpenOffice Calc version available.

This document contains spoilers and so it may reveal relevant facts regarding the story to you. If you haven’t finished the story of Falskaar and want to play the modification absolutly spoiler-free, I would strongly advise you to wait to download these files until you have finished the story.


The download contains currently as of version 1.2 two Excel documents (.xls and .xlsx), one OpenOffice Calc document (.ods) and three images. While the images are detailed screenshots of the map (one Skyrim map screenshot and two Falskaar map screenshots, with and without location names), the Excel documents and the OpenOffice Calc document currently include 15 spreadsheets.

  • FDC
  • NPCs
  • Locations
  • Quests
  • Shout
  • Books
  • Recipes
  • Misc
  • Keys
  • Ingredient
  • Armors
  • Weapons
  • Horndew Lodge
  • Songs
  • Additions and Patches

Microsoft Excel + OpenOffice Calc
no macros

While giving me green light for this project, AlexanderJVelicky was not involved in the creation of this document and will continue of being not involved in maintaining it aswell. The initial version was entirely created by myself and will be maintained by me and (if you would like to) the community.

For a detailed explanation of the ID Configuration please read the F.A.Q. There you can read about how exactly the IDs can be set.

If you find any mistake I possibly made, something I forgot or if you find out something I simply could not discover until now (for example the whereabouts of the book “Olavs Journey”), please inform me about it. Im also eager to hear any other suggestions of what else could be added to the document. If it is reasonable, I would look into it and see if I can put it on my list. Any help is and will be much appreciated.


  • Excel 2003 for the .xls Excel document, or
  • Excel 2007 or newer for the .xlsx Excel document, or
  • OpenOffice Calc for the .ods Calc document.
  • Dragon Language – Font

The spreadsheet Shout includes three cells which make use of the Dragon Alphabet font.

The installation of the stated font isn’t necessary to be able to use the Excel documents or the Calc document, if it is not installed the three cells will simply show the same text as the "Latin" cells. If you want them to showcase the dragon language properly, download the font (dragon_alphabet.ttf) and put it into C:/Windows/Fonts before opening the documents.


Is there a difference between the three versions (.xls, .xlsx, .ods)?
Besides the specific file extensions, they share the exact same content. There are no further differences.

ID Configuration - How to set the IDs?
In general, IDs in Skyrim consists out of 8 digits and/or letters. The first two digits of an ID are always bound to the location of the specific DLC or plugin (.esm or .esp) in the Loadorder. Lets pretend I have all three DLCs, I sort my Loadorder via BOSS and I use none of the Unoffcial Patches, my Loadorder would look like this (viewable for example in the NMM):

00 Skyrim.esm
01 Update.esm
02 Dawnguard.esm
03 HearthFires.esm
04 Dragonborn.esm
05 Falskaar.esm

As you can see, Falskaar would be listed in the 05 position (while having the Index 6), and thats why all the collected IDs of Falskaar would start with the two digits 05. If you would have, lets say, only Dragonborn as DLC and you use BOSS to sort your loadorder, Falskaar should have the number 03 - then your IDs would all start with 03 instead of 05.

But here is the problem. In case of third party modifications like Falskaar, that location of "05" in your Loadorder is not permanent, it may vary through different aspects. Do you have all DLCs or not? Do you use the Unofficial Patches (which are highly recommended to be used) or not? The Unofficial Patches are therefore important because since version 2.0.0 they are delivered as "false flagged .esm's while in truth still being .esp's". This was made, so that they can be sorted directly behind their corresponding master plugins (i.e. the UDBP.esm comes directly after Dragonborn.esm) - hence if you use the Unofficial Patches v2.0.0 they will be sorted before the Falskaar.esm. And that means, that their presence will change the first two digits of our Falskaar IDs.

To solve this problem I made this little new configuration table. Simply indicate which DLCs and which Unofficial Patches you use and which not. You can do this by writing a "1" (for "Yes") or a "0" (for "No") in the specific cells. Voilà, you're done. All IDs are set.

Post Scriptum:
This should also apply to LOOT.

What is the difference between RefIDs and BaseIDs?
Please read this article: UESP - Article. Basically, the RefID of a NPC is used for the player.moveto <RefID> console command and the BaseID is used for the player.placeatme <BaseID> console command.

What are the Permission Conditions?
This data compendium is allowed under the conditions, that no profit is taken off of it, no credit is taken for Falskaar itself and that none of the forbidden files are redistributed; the forbidden files are specified as: the ESM, the bink video files, and any files contained within the BSA (so the files that come with the Falskaar mod).

I meet this conditions, as I did everything voluntary and free, I am by no means related to Alexander or his modification Falskaar and the download of this Data Compendium doesn't include any files of the Falskaar modification at all.

The Falskaar Data Compendium itself is henceforth Nexus only and not allowed to be uploaded somewhere else.


- AlexanderJVelicky for his awesome modification Falskaar
- for providing the Dragon Language font

My other work:
Enhanced Skylist