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Dig up dragon bones and scales from burial mounds. Gain access to bones and scales without starting the main quest or fighting dragons.

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This mod allows you to interact with dragon burial mounds to dig up dragon bones and scales.

This mod is aimed at those who don't want to follow the main quest but still want to forge dragon armor and weapons. It's also ideal for players who may have modded dragons out of the game or pacifist characters.

To dig up a mound, simply walk up to it and activate it. You will need a shovel in your inventory to get the bones and scales. Each mound will give 5 bones and 4 scales. Mounds can only be used once and do not respawn. This will give you a total of 110 bones and 88 scales if you dig them all up.

If you want to know the locations of the burial mounds, go to Dragonsreach in Whiterun. In Farengar Secret Fire's study there is a journal on his table that you can activate. You can purchase it for 100 gold.

One of the journals given to you describes the locations if you want to try and find them yourself. If you want the map markers, just read the other journal and there will be an option to add the markers to your map.

If you can't find a shovel, you can craft one at a forge with 1x Firewood and 1x Iron Ingot

You will still need to unlock the dragon-smithing perk to make dragon weapons and armor.

This mod changes the parent 'x markers' for all of the soil caps in the dragon mounds. If you use this mod while following the main quest, there may be some visual glitches during certain events which I wont detail due to spoilers. I recommend deactivating the mod if you have a character following the main quest.

NPCs seem to be able to move over the mound when the soil cap disappears, so I don't believe there are any issues with nav meshes.

I would recommend activating the mound while standing outside of the soil. You can stand on it while you dig, but your character will drop into the hole after the screen fades in, breaking immersion.

Mod has been cleaned using TES5Edit 3.0.30.