Devilmaid by Neo - ver Public by Meister aka Neovinci
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Devilmaid by Neo

Created by Meister aka Neovinci

This is a female Armour set I made for my own taste.

Actually it was a personal mod, meant not considered for public release.
but some people asked sharing it.

Customed CBBE TBBP, Dream Girl TBBP and UNP TBBP types Updated ( Jan, 24th, 2015)

( Left : Dance Synchronizator 3.5.1/Paradise/UNP TBBP    Right : Dance Synchronizator 3.6/Sexy Love by T-ARA/CBBE TBBP )

( by Chilko07 - youtube : ChiiLLLLLLL / by hodilton - youtube : hodilton )

( by maczero - youtube : Black'sGamingandReviews / by vatiwah - youtube : vatiwah)

As I said above, it is made for my taste.
If you don't like it, because not your taste or not lore-friendly, just go back.

I'm not considering other clothing types, other body types or alternative style meshes.

- not lore-friendly but not related Anime.

- not balanced.

- CBBE, UNP and Dream Girl Types.

- White, Brown(Red Brown) and Black sets.

- Skimpy and Full version.

- Tail and No Tail.

- Glass and Ebony material.

- Light and Heavy types.

- Horns are place as circlet.

- You can't make it at any forge. but can temper.

- Console command : "help DM2 4" or etc.

- CBBE and UNP versions are based on my customized body types, I recommend don't mixed to other armour parts, if those are not big enough.

- There is possibility contorted unnaturally with some active poses.

especially when you mix with other armours.

- Use 7z tool, Unzip and Drag into DATA folder where your Skyrim is installed.



In a Pouch, near by Stairway in Fort Greymoor.(as screenshot)

Requirements before use it

Calientes Female Body (for CBBE users -

DIMONIZED UNP female body (for UNP users -

Petrovich's Dream Girl body ( for DG users - )

Latest version of Skyrim.


Thanks to

Caliente for nice CBBE Female Body

dimon99 for DIMONIZED UNP female body

Calyps for nice UNPB female body.
(MrTroubleMaker Clothing :
(UNPB Redux :

Petrovich for "Dream Girl" body
( )

Radioragae for "Hair packs of TES IV Oblivion for Female Only"

Halofarm for very nice pose mods and location mod.

Guycore for nice tips for screenshots.

Naver "Testinghall" members.

Naver "Elderscroll7" members.

Naver "Escroll" members.

Blender developers.



Nexus friends.

and my model Amelie.


This mod is "Skyrim Nexus" exclusive. Do not redistribute or upload on any other sites without my permission.