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Shandar is a Redguard warrior follower, totally standalone, with custom HD textures.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian

Custom Redguard Follower
v. 1.0

Videos courtesy of Slothability (dptheslothking) and Black (maczero). Thanks!

  • Unique look and face features made with CharGen by Expired

Custom 2K HD textures
- Face texture with scars, ritual cuts and bruises
- Body texture with scars, ritual cuts, warpaints and bruises
- Eyes
- Eyebrows and beard
- Tintmask with warpaint

All the textures have been optimized.

Own equipment
- Armor: Forsworn loincloth with HD textures from official Hi-Res Pack.
- Amulet: Ancient Nord amulet
- Weapon: silver scimitar, slightly more powerful than a basic silver sword.
- Shield: same stats than iron shield.
- Earrings : bone clamps, slot 44.

  • Essential
  • Player Leveled
  • Marriable
  • Voice: MaleBrute (Farkas)
  • Class: Rogue
  • Skills:
    - One-handed- Block- Light armor- Archery
  • Perks:
    - Agile Defender- Armsman- Bladesman- Fighting Stance- Power Bash- Light Foot- Stealth- Shield Wall
  • Spells:
    - Fast Healing

A warrior’s body tells his story, or rather many stories. Stories of battles, defeats and victories, of blood, sweat and rage. Stories of peace and happiness too, never so savoured than in these precious moments of respite.
Shandar’s body is the one of a true warrior, covered with traces of his fierce way through life. He never knew his parents. He was raised by a Redguard warrioress named Baala who taught him to fight perfectly with a curved sword of Hammerfell. His scimitar, whose knob is unlaid with a flawless emerald, is her legacy to him. He went to Skyrim to fight oppression and injustice, but in which side?
He is a man of simple tastes: he enjoys swords, shields and war poetry. However, he isn’t a brainless lout as you can imagine at first sight. Yes, he’s fierce and merciless in combat, but he enjoys simple moments of peace, like sitting around a campfire or drinking mead in a warm inn. He isn’t talkative and is quite reserved.
When he will meet you in this little inn of Falkreath, he will know that you are worthy of being followed.

He is waiting for you at Dead Man’s Drink Inn, in Falkreath.

- Choose your version: 2K (2048) or 1K (1024).
- Just drag and drop the .esp and .bsa into your Data folder.
- Check the .esp in NMM or the launcher.

Every follower mod like UFO or EFF should be loaded AFTER this mod.

Where can I find him?
He is at Dead Man’s Drink Inn, in Falkreath. He is usually sitting somewhere, in the main hall or in the large bedroom.

What can he do? Has he some special features?
Unfortunately not. I’m not able to write scripts to enhance him. He probably never will have custom dialogues, because English is not my native language and I have other projects.

Can you change him, delete some paints or scars?
No. I know he can remind you Pirates of the Carribean or even some black painted Punisher (lol), but I spent a LOT of time on him and I think he’s nice as he is, because he’s unique. I would like to focus on other followers.

Concerning the textures, there is a slight neckseam, but it’s impossible to fix. There is also a slight line on the back of his head, but depending on the light and the ENB you use, it’s not that obvious. Eyes have no tear duct because it was buggy (eye mesh modified with CharGen).

Please report any trouble you may have.

A huge thank to all the talentuous modders who allowed me to use their work! You’re wonderful!


Geonox for High Res Face Maps for Men
Urshi for Fine Face Textures for Men
Hvergelmir for Beards HD and Brows HD
Expired for RaceMenu & CharGen Extension
Turulo for NPC Nif Merge


Chris57 & FavouredSoul for Better males
Urshi for Smooth Male Body
Betterbecause for BI Phenotypes
Geonox for the warpaint from High Res Face Maps for Men
Imperator3 (and Neovinci & BaronDavid) for Men’s Underwear replacer


Apachii for ApachiiSkyHair


Halendia for Iridum Eyes
Radioragae for ENSE - Eye colours with New Style Eyelashes


Viltuska for Barbarian Loincloths
HumanNature66 for HN66s Earrings


747823 for Weapons of the Third Era


InsanitySorrow for Insanity’s Shields


zzjay for Standalone Followers Tutorial

If I’ve forgotten someone, juste PM me! :)

All the assets belong to their authors and are used with explicit permission. DO NOT use this mod’s contents whithout asking their permission first!