Neo Oriental Dress Retextured by Neovinci and EvenstarGW
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Neo's Oriental Dress CBBE/UNP EvenstarGW Addon

Author : EvenstarGW & Neovinci aka Meister

Your screenshots are very welcome and appreciated !!!

With permission from Neovinci I have retextured his Oriental Dress.

You NEED Neovinci's mod (Neo's Mod) because this mod makes use of his meshes, which I have not included.
If you only want these dresses you dont need Neo's .esp activated as long as the meshes are in you Data folder.


- Light Armours with Leather Stats.

- All are Female Items. Although the gloves are input as male model due to a CK-bug where it doesn't recognize female texture replacings, in 1st person this can be very strange (eg having black gloves in 3rd person when switching to 1st suddenly they are orange).

- Craftable under the Leather Tab and Temperable.
I have NOT placed a container in the world containing these items.


List of Biped Slots:

Dresses : Slot 32 - BODY
Gloves : Slot 33 - HANDS & 34 - FOREARMS
Shoes : Slot 37 - FEET & 38 - CALVES


Requirement :

Neo\'s Oriental Dresses
(for the meshes -

Calientes Female Body
(for CBBE version -

DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99
(for UNP version - )


Thanks & Credits :

Neovinci - for the original dress

Bethesda - for Skyrim

Caliente - for CBBE Female Body

MAK07 - for CBBEv3M Body Repalacer

dimon99 - for DIMONIZED UNP female body


Ask Neovinci if you want to do anything with his work.
Ask me if you want to do anything with my textures or esp.