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Heimfeigr is a large dungeon mod released by Archon Entertainment, the creators of Luftahraan.

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Heimfeigr (literally, Home of the Dead. Pronounced "Heym-fey-gr") is a dungeon from Luftahraan that features during an important segment of the main quest. For this release, it has been taken out of its context and moved into Skyrim itself where it will serve as a standalone dungeon for players to explore. Heimfeigr is split into 5 cells, one of which contains a fully scripted boss fight in the same vein as those in World of Warcraft and Diablo (albeit limited somewhat by the Skyrim engine) and has it's own originally composed music written by
Stephen Webster. The entire Level Designing process by Örvar "Wheeze" Arnórsson was streamed on his personal twitch channel. Also special thanks to twitch user skar_awakens for the puzzle scripting and CaptainFalcon92 for improving the script.

Luftahraan is a large city and quest mod that has been in development for 18 months. It adds a new city to the Skyrim worldspace, situated to the west of Solitude, as well as a large area of surrounding lands and villages. Luftahraan will come with its own main quest, as well as numerous side quests, a functioning arena fully integrated into city life and well over 100 NPCs. More information on Luftahraan can be found on our website, where any updates regarding development are posted.

The Archon Entertainment team decided to release Heimfeigr at this point because Luftahraan has been under development for a long time, and we are keen to reassure people that development is still continuing apace, and to also show people some of our design principles in action – the focus on interesting puzzles (that don’t just involve a spinning statue) and challenging boss fights (that don’t just involve the player running up to the monster and devouring 47 health potions whilst standing still and repeatedly hitting them), as well as our attention to detail, is something that we plan to bring to many of the dungeons that will feature in Luftahraan, not just Heimfeigr.

This release is completely separate from Luftahraan, and includes no assets from the main mod besides the five cells. It is also spoiler-free – you needn’t worry about spoiling the story of Luftahraan whilst you’re playing. Heimfeigr also includes three tracks by one of our composers, Stephen Webster, written specially for it – these pieces are mixed in with vanilla Skyrim dungeon music to help give it a unique atmosphere.

Luftahraan Soundtrack by Stephen Webster

Heimfeigr is located to the north-east of the College of Winterhold, on a remote ice floe in the Sea of Ghosts. You can find an old boat behind the College of Winterhold that will take you to the dungeon.

Heimfeigr is a long dungeon and contains a lot of enemies – it is wise to prepare thoroughly, with sufficient torches and potions for an extended underground expedition. The boss itself can be particularly challenging, and may require several attempts – it has been modelled after bosses in games like World of Warcraft, and it is rare that you would expect to beat a boss in that sort of game on your first attempt.

There is no particular level requirement for Heimfeigr – the monsters and the boss scale to all levels but some areas may be particularly challenging for low level characters, especially the boss. This is exacerbated by the majority of combat overhaul mods that tend to make combat more difficult. A character of level 10 or higher should be able to clear the dungeon, providing they are well prepared. Lower level characters are likely to struggle.

Heimfeigr requires a copy of Skyrim patched to the latest version, but does not require any DLC or any other mods - it does not require the full Luftahraan mod to run (in case you are reading this after Luftahraan is released).

To install Heimfeigr:
  • Place all of the files in inside your Skyrim/data folder (usually located within steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim).
  • Ensure that the .esp is activated, either through the Data Files section of the Skyrim Launcher, or by whatever other means you may use. It is unlikely to matter where in your load order Heimfeigr is located, but it should load after any mods that alter the ocean area to the west of Winterhold.
To uninstall Heimfeigr:
  • Simply remove the files you added to the data files. Just removing the .esp will remove it from your game, but to be thorough it is recommended you remove all of the files. Uninstallation is not supported by the Archon team, as it can affect save files but, providing you don’t remove the .esp whilst your character is in the dungeon itself it is unlikely to be a problem.

Heimfeigr is compatible with the vast majority of mods, except those that alter the area in its direct vicinity – the area chosen is an ice floe to the north-east of Winterhold and out to sea, so this is unlikely to cause any problems.

Mods like SkyRe are compatible with Heimfeigr, but they may affect gameplay in unexpected ways – usually making things harder than they otherwise would be. Heimfeigr is balanced for vanilla gameplay, and Archon Entertainment will not support you with any difficulty problems that may arise from your chosen combat overhaul mods. It is also possible that combat overhaul mods can affect the boss fight, causing a few bugs that otherwise wouldn’t occur.It is possible to complete the dungeon with these enabled, but it is likely you will encounter a few strange problems.

This .esp file, Heimfeigr and Luftahraan are the property of Archon Entertainment. If you wish to upload Heimfeigr to another modding website it is not necessary to seek our permission, but you must include a link to the nexus page of the mod and give full credit to Archon Entertainment, as well as making it clear that you are neither the author of the mod nor in any way affiliated with its development. If you do re-upload the mod, you must email us at [email protected] and let us know that you have re-uploaded the mod and where you did so – this will help us keep track of where the mod is available, but we will not take on the responsibility of keeping the mirror site up to date.

You may not upload Heimfeigr to any location that allows you to charge money for it, and neither can you make any profit from its distribution in any other way.  Similarly, Heimfeigr may not be included in any other mod that requires payment to download.

Video creators of any sort are free to use Heimfeigr as a source for their material, whether that material be a video review, a Let’s Play or any other endeavour. If you wish to create such a video, you may wish to contact us (at [email protected]) beforehand, to let us know of your intention and so that we can assist you with additional material such as video logos etc. Even if you do not contact us before making the video, we would appreciate it if you let us know after it is uploaded.

You may not copy or edit the files within this mod in any way without the express permission of the Archon team – permission which we are highly unlikely to give. You may not include any part of these files as composite parts of your own release. The three tracks from the Luftahraan soundtrack included in this mod are the intellectual property of Stephen Webster and may not be used, reproduced or altered in any form, and may never be distributed separately from the rest of this mod.

Credit for Heimfeigr goes to the Archon team and especially to Örvar "Wheeze" Arnórsson, the creator of the majority of the dungeon, and Stephen Webster, the composer of the soundtrack and Sam "Arkaash" Cannon for the majority of the scripting.

Q:Is heimfeigr compatible with requiem?
A:Heimfeigr is primarily a nordic dungeon. That means it's filled with draugrs so if you have a hard time with draugrs then you might want to download the armor reduction version of the Requiem - Immersive Creatures Patch. Also the main puzzle in the dungeon uses pressure plates and requiem makes pressure plates invisible and lastly the final boss is a dragon priest and requiem makes dragon priests really difficult so you have to be confident that you can kill him before you enter the dungeon with requiem.

Q:Does Heimfeigr require any DLCs to run/ is it compatible with any DLCs?
A:Heimfeigr requires neither Dawnguard, Hearthfire nor Dragonborn to run, although it is compatible with all of them. Their existence or lack thereof in your load order will have no effect on your experience.

Q:What level is required to complete the dungeon?
A:Heimfeigr has no formal level requirements, but some parts, most notably the boss fight, can be quite challenging, especially for low level, poorly prepared characters. Generally speaking, characters above level 10 should be able to clear the dungeon if they prepare sensibly and are playing on an average difficulty.

Q:Does Heimfeigr include any quests?
A:No, there are no quests included in this release of Heimfeigr. In its Luftahraan setting it will be heavily involved in quests but here it is entirely stand-alone.

Q:Are there any possible/reported conflicts with other mods?
A:There are no known conflicts with large mods, but any mod that alters the same area as the exterior of Heimfeigr (a small ice floe to the north east of the College of Winterhold) is likely to cause problems. It is also compatible with combat overhaul mods, although these mods may drastically alter the difficulty of various areas of the dungeon (especially the boss).

Q:Does this mod require Luftahraan/any knowledge of Luftahraan?
-No. It is a dungeon from Luftahraan, but in this release it has no relation whatsoever to the rest of the mod and can be seen as entirely stand-alone.

Q:When Luftahraan releases, should I uninstall Heimfeigr?
A:No. This release of Heimfeigr has absolutely nothing to do with Luftahraan and so can be installed alongside the full mod when it is released. However, you will have two dungeons that look almost exactly the same in your game.

-Added some aesthetic changes to the main puzzle to make it a little a bit more obvious when you are doing the puzzle correctly/incorrectly
-Moved the resources of Heimfeigr to a .bsa archive

-Redid the stats for the boss to hopefully balance it better for most combat mods(we appreciate feedback on this)
-Fixed invisible wall in boss room after reloading
-Fixed some navmesh in puzzle room
-Renamed the puzzle room draugrs
-Buffed the loot at the end of the dungeon
-Replaced a confusing non-working door
-Potentially fixed the puzzle bugging out with requiem users

-Massive puzzle script upgrade. Much more responsive and no pre-defined starting position.(Thank you so much CaptainFalcon for making this script for us! <3)

-Fixed the fire floor challenge being easy to cheat

-Doubled boss health
-Boss attacks 40% faster now
-Made puzzle a bit more forgiving
-Blended some vanilla dungeon music in(to get rid of repetitiveness)
-Added map marker for the boat that takes you to Heimfeigr
-Added a few enemies and changed a few light sources to improve the general flow of the dungeon
-Fixed the secret mini-puzzle ;)
-Removed trigger hinges that refused to work
-Made some fire sources actually deal fire damage

-Fixed a script that kept running even though not in use.(this should fix your saves increasing in size)

-Added a boat behind the College of Winterhold for easier access to the dungeon
-Made the boss harder(We would appreciate if any of you would perhaps comment telling us if the boss is too hard or too easy along with your level, difficulty setting and any combat overhaul mods)

-Removed a few debug notifications from some scripts
(Some people are reporting problems with the puzzle, we are aware of this and if you do have problems with the puzzle then please let us know in the comments section)

-Added map marker(lol)
-Room Bound Fix(light flicker)

-Initial release