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Oriental umbrellas that can be carried like torches, or wielded like shields and weapons. Carry lanterns and a floating type also included. And now with balloons!

Permissions and credits
*** Version 1.4 ***
Just in time for Halloween, a small update which (forthcoming pun intended) adds witch brooms and pumpkin lanterns--lit and unlit--in an assortment of variations:
. Basic brooms (black or brown bristles) with no enchantments.  These brooms were adjusted to fit the hand better in the third-person perspective--and at the same time keep the bristles off to the side (as much as possible). Basically if you use the brooms as shields (which is primarily how I use them), you will lose a bit of your first-person perspective real estate. ^^'''
. A pair of enchanted brooms that boost regeneration rates for health, magicka, and stamina when you are blocking.
. A special "broom of stealth" which renders you invisible when you are blocking (instead of the regen boosts).  Some other stats suited to a stealthy player are boosted as well.
. Two enchanted broom staves, one with wall of lightning, and the other with fireball.
. A pair of 2H broom weapons, which you'll want to use the CK on the armor you're wearing to adjust the "weapon adjust" to 4 (the maximum, I think?)--to avoid some serious clipping.
. Pumpkin lanterns with a variety of face patterns
. Pumpkins you can carry around (basically unlit lanterns) just for the heck of it.

There are two alternative brown bristle textures (unused by the mod) in the witch folder.  You can use those to replace the bristle texture(s) if you like.  Black I chose on purpose, but the brown ended up darker because of the real-geometry of the bristles: depending on your resolution and anti-aliasing method, the lighter colors can result in a serious case of the jaggies across the fine bristles (that blends in better with the darker colors).

The pumpkin patterns are from Zee Que's Pumpkin Cutouts (, with the exception of Sanrio's Kuromi.

Like everything else, these new items can all be found in the same strongbox at the Drunken Huntsman.  I did notice this time when I was in there testing things out, an NPC (a Whiterun guard, no less) took something out of the strongbox. :O  I didn't realize they would do that, before.

*** Oriental Umbrellas and Lanterns - Version 1.3 ***

Another (small) lore-busting update from yours truly. =P

New Stuff: Animated pinwheels and shield umbrellas.

I had always wanted to make an animated pinwheel, but could never get the animation to work. Basically whatever I tried to animate would either A) Cause CTD, or B) simply not show up in the game--at all. Finally I discovered you simply cannot created the NIF from scratch because there are some values with the NiTransformInterpolar that cannot be specified by keyboard entry (e.g. nan for the Y axis, and <float min> for Translation). NifSkope has an option for <float min> entry in the Scale field, but not the Translation variables. Finally figured that out after countless attempts. You have to copy that particular block from another working NIF (e.g. centuriondynamocore01) and the rest you can DIY.

The blue pinwheel I sped up double speed. You may find it jarring. The pink one rotates slower. There are also two of the umbrella shields that rotate as well; those I did primarily as tests when I was still struggling to get the %$#@ rotation animation to work. All can be found in the Drunken Huntsman 's strongbox.

*** Oriental Umbrellas and Lanterns - Version 1.2 ***

-- WHAT'S NEW --

Balloons! Why? Because! =P

Actually this is probably better suited to my Handbag Addicts mod, but because these are based on torches (unlit), they can't be crafted (which everything in HA is created with outside the command console). So since there is a strongbox to store goodies in in this mod, they go here.

Available colors include blue, dark blue, green, pink, and red.

As always an extra save before you update the mod is recommended (in the event of CTD).

And yes, to anyone taking a peek at my mesh, I did have a problem with the top. T_T NURBS... Hate them. Had to fix a nasty seam along the side, and the top was all messed up, so I "tried" to rebuild it. Just say no to NURBs folks! =P

*** Oriental Umbrellas and Lanterns - Version 1.1 ***

-- WHAT'S NEW --

This is a small update that adds a new lantern, which has a wood frame and I think is a bit more "rugged" for dungeon crawling. ;)

There are four variants. All the stencils came from

The naming convention is "DG Hand Lantern - T2 xxx." I placed them in the same strong box in the Drunken Huntsman as the original items. Hopefully they'll show up for you there. But it is the first time I've worked with containers--and an update to it. ^^''''

** Oriental Umbrellas and Lanterns - Version 1.0 **

-- ABOUT --
When I did the last update to my Handbag Addicts mod, I had debated what style of umbrella I would use: modern or oriental/traditional? I went with the modern because it matched better with the briefcase. However, I still wanted to do an oriental style, and I was inspired to try some lanterns as well--and thus this mod was born.

You will find many styles/versions of the umbrellas, along with a few lanterns, including a "floating" one (please read the special note on using this).

Some (not the torch type) of these can be crafted at the forge; otherwise look for the strongbox in the Drunken Huntsman. And they are all prefixed with "DG" (should be . . .), and use a "code" system to distinguish certain traits (e.g. O for open, vs C for closed).

Make an extra save before you install, and read the special notes for a couple of the items, specifically related to havok behavior when dropped on the ground.

Basically I have failed to master anything beyond boxshapes for havok collision. And in the case of the floating lanterns there are some other issues related to dropping them on dry land (in the water, fine!).

There are many variants to the umbrellas, but only the torch type has all art and color styles. The other ones are limited sets. Refer to the full list below and image section for the full complement.

[Bamboo Pole] - A simple bamboo pole, wieled as a two-handed war hammer.

[Carry Lantern] - Small globe-shaped lanterns that are illuminated. The light they cast is the same color as the lantern (no actual light source is visible inside--they just glow).

[Floating Lantern] - Lanterns you place in the water (please read the "Known Issues" section below). They self illuminate, but have no actual light source (though there is a glowing sphere inside to appear as a light--I know, why on this, but not the carry lanterns? =P).
. To place the lanterns its best to be in the water and your 1st person view partially submerged (just a little). Basically you want the lantern to be as close to the surface of the water as possible--and horizontal.If you get your positioning correct (looking slightly downward seems to help), they will plop in the water straight and stay that way.

[Umbrella Shield] - Selected styles that use the top part of the umbrella as a shield (light armor, not enchanted).

[Umbrella Staff] - Umbrellas wielded as staff and enchanted with various spells (check the description when you craft the items to see what has what).

[Umbrella Torch] - These don't actually light anything, but were created as torch objects since their usage is closest to actual umbrellas. They come in various colors and art styles (mainly traditional forms).

[Umbrella Weapon] - Closed version of the umbrella that uses the mechanics of a one-handed sword.

** See FULL LIST below **

-- HOW TO GET --
. I've never worked with torch objects before and hadn't realized you can't craft those--nor buy them. So I created a small strongbox in the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun; it's in the small closet behind Elrindir's counter next to the bucket (don't get trigger happy and accidently steal one of the nearby items). You can also craft some of the items at the forge too.

Havoc havok.
. Open umbrellas - I attempted to create convex shape collision for those, but it failed. Basically when I exported the collision data with the NIF plug-in, it put it under rigidbodyT rather than the rigidbody (no T) I always use. And when I attempted to use the rigidbodyT block for the collision data, it caused Skyrim to CTD the moment I tried to even view the umbrella in my inventory. And when I tried to use copy the shape from rigidbodyT to rigidbody, the orientation of the convex shape was off 90 degrees. I even went to my original model, rotated it 90 and exported it that way, and still... It was off. I don't get that . . . Anyway, I had to resort to the basic box shape, which of course means when you drop the open umbrellas, they'll interact with the environment as though they were boxes (e.g. won't roll)

. Floating lanterns - The havok shape is not the issue here, but trying to get these guys to remain stable in the water--without pitching and rolling (upside down)--I had to tweak every havok setting there was. I'm not even sure what all I did to get it to finally work! But they do work--on water. Getting them to stay upright was very very tricky. I literally spent an entire day tweaking to get that: NIF edit, Start Skryim. over and over and over. T_T Other than bob in the water, they should be steady as a rock. Unfortunately they'll also float on land! Whatever I did seems to make them attach to the nearest body of water--on a vertical plane. Horizontally they behave okay (such as running into shore, where the lantern will stay put). I think the entire Skryim real world grid has a water plane (toggling wire mesh mode and disabling clipping has seemed to show me that), so the lantern will drop to whatever water surface is directly below (even underground).

Just use the lanterns in the water and they'll behave--for the most part. ;)

. Potentially something that alters the interior of the Drunken Huntsman, or occupies the same spot as the strongbox.

. The paper/fabric texture (along with others) was created by me using a composite of images from Mr. Dave's awesome Texture Resource:
. The artwork was collected from various wallpaper sites (including for the Korean styles).
. Vampire Princess Miyu (created by Narumi Kakinouchi & Toshiki Hirano) was used for one art style. This particular image is from the TV series.

[2H Weapon]
DG - Bamboo Pole 2H

[1H Weapon]
DG-C Umbrella - Art 1
DG-C Umbrella - Art 4
DG-C Umbrella - Art 7
DG-C Umbrella - Lavender
DG-C Umbrella - Red

DG-O Umbrella - Art 1
DG-O Umbrella - Art 7
DG-O Umbrella - Lavender
DG-O Umbrella - Red

DG - Umbrella Shld Art 1
DG - Umbrella Shld Drgon
DG - Umbrella Shld Lvndr
DG - Umbrella Shld Miyu
DG - Umbrella Shld Red

[Lantern] - Lit
DG Hand Lantern - Art
DG Hand Lantern - Blue
DG Hand Lantern - Red

DG Floating Lantern

DG T Umbrella - Art 1
DG T Umbrella - Art 2
DG T Umbrella - Art 3
DG T Umbrella - Art 4
DG T Umbrella - Art 5
DG T Umbrella - Art 6
DG T Umbrella - Art 7
DG T Umbrella - Blue
DG T Umbrella - Lavender
DG T Umbrella - Pink
DG T Umbrella - Red
DG T Umbrella - White

C=closed; O=open