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About this mod

A small mod that morphs the Snow White Crown into an elegant Snow White Circlet!

Permissions and credits

This mod morphs the lovely Snow White Crown by Anton0028 into a Circlet.
In the past I was asked about that Mod pretty often, and most of the time I've tried to explain how you can get the circlet with a small use of Nifskope. This mod is for all people who dont even want to touch Nifskope or another mesh-editing-program. I hope you have fun with it and enjoy it as much as I do. I also changed the textures a little, made them look more darker and not so shiny.
The little stone in the middle of the circlet still changes color, as the original mod! Images are very welcome!
PLEASE NOTE: This is made for female characters. Male character can use the crown too, but it will look totally different!

Thanks so much for the great video!

1. INSTALL THE MAIN MOD. Without it, it won't work.
You need to download the original Snow White Crown by Anton0028 first. Easy installation via NMM.

2. Install my Mod.
a) Easy installation with NMM. Click "Yes" on any overwriting-questions.
b) Manual installation. Extract the files, copy them from the folder and paste them into your own -> Data -> textures / meshes -> Anton-Mods.
Again agree on the overwriting.

3. Deinstallation or changing back to the original Snow White Crown:
a) Easy way with NMM. Just deinstall.
b) Manual deinstallation: get the original files from Anton and let them overwrite again.
c) Get rid of the whole mod: just delete the folders and the Snow White.esp

Enjoy! If you have any issues, please let me know!

"You can create the crown in any forge if you have appropriate ingredients. (Topic: Jewelry)"
- Quote by Anton
If you're a lazy lass you can use console ;)

All the credits go straight to Anton, who is a very talented and creative modder for making this wonderful crown.
Check out his other stuff too! Thank you very very very much for letting me publish this!
Also credits go to a guy to whom I lost track - he inspires me to do this. I cannot remember his name, if you read this, please write a short PM :)
Credits for screenshots goes to knusperburger and cila81, thank you both! <3

Please don't upload my Mod on any other homepage or hoster without asking me before (and please dont do that with the Original Mod, too!)
If that happens, this will be my last published Mod.

- To Anton, for his work on the original mod
- To knusperburger for the beautiful images and for just more than that. Thank you, my love <3
- To all my supportive, wonderful friends here and on flickr. Thanks guys and girls, really.
For supporting me, for making me laugh, for teaching me things and helping me out. :) This is for you.

Edit: Oh, and sorry to bother you with face shots again. Greedy me!