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Ultra realistic Sun & Sunglare textures for CoT and Vanilla

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Yes, yes, I hear you thinking... Another sun!... Meh! Yes indeed, another sun replacer. Yet I would give it a go :)

Oh we now have a video :) Thanks to deathneko11 from The Realistic Lighting Team

I'm not going to write a lot here besides a few points on how this works, or works differently from other sun replacers. I think the mod is straight forward enough for that ;)

This mod replaces the sun/sunglare and modifies the textures in this way;
• Added the sunglare to sun texture which freed up the to add an overlay effect. Sunglare is pretty much only visible during sunrise/sunset events in game
• Shifted each RGB by 0.3 degrees to the right to add a slight color spectrum around the sun (in the glares)
• Placed the alpha equal to the blue channel to give a very minor chromatic effect, which should hardly be noticeable
• Various little touches left and right to give the best effect
• Each file is DTX5 compressed and 2048x2048 in size

This used to be a part of my other mod Climates Of Tamriel - Weather Patch - Fog Rain Overcast but I decided to release the added sun/sunglare as a separate mod as well as one can never have enough choices ;)

In the downloads you can find a Vanilla and Climates of Tamriel version, but both are the same textures, just the installation directory is different as Climates of Tamriel uses a custom folder structure.

I suggest use with ENB as it handles the sun so much better. You might need to tweak a little bit in case you use a custom sun already.

This sun replacer is recommended to use/already included in the following ENB's
RealVision ENB by SkyrimTuner
Kountervibe ENB Extensive by Kyokushinoyama _ --JawZ-- _ Solsikke737
K ENB Extensive by Kyokushinoyama _ --JawZ-- _ Solsikke737
The Wilds ENB (re-uploaded version, not original) by Skysan4298
Skylight ENB by Aiyen

If you are an ENB author and want to simplify installation and are currently linking this sun replacer, simply drop me a PM and give proper credits on your ENB page.

I hope you enjoy it! And thank you all for your wonderful feedback! Very much appreciated!!
Peace out, prod

Some comparison shots with Climates of Tamriel

All images shot with Sky Realism ENB