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Adds a few guns to Skyrim. M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, Kar 98, Mosin Nagant, and a few others

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I hope you like my gun mod, please feel free to upload pictures of your character wreaking havoc with one of my guns. It makes my little heart grow 3-9 times larger whenever I see someone enjoying my mods!

Okay - Let\'s get down to business, I ain\'t got no time to play around what is this, must be a circus in town, we\'ll shut the shit down on these clowns, can I get a witness? Hell yeah...!! Oh sorry, okay here we go, my mod adds seven (7!) guns to Skyrim:

M-1 Garand
M-1 Carbine

Kar 98k

Mosin Nagant M91/30
Mosin Nagant M91/30 SD

And a secret gun!

To install, download with NMM, or copy Meshes, textures, sound, and the .esp to your skyrim\'s \'Data\' directory. To uninstall, remove the files you copied, or use the Manager.

Some backstory on the mod:

I have been working on a WWII mod for awhile now, but I decided I\'d release some of the guns as a \'teaser\' in the mean time. Also, inb4 \'MK14 IZNT A WRLD WER TOO GUNN\". I\'m aware the Mk14 is a present-day military rifle, I just really liked it and I said WHY NOT LET MY FRIENDS AT THE NEXUS ENJOY IT TOO!


On the Mosin Nagant SD you can\'t really see what you\'re doing in first person, but whatever the damn thing is huge so that\'s too durn bad!

Every once in awhile your hands freeze while shooting the Mk14. In the case of frozen hands, simply press the \'R\' key once and your character will resume communication from brain to hands.

Bolts probably clip pretty badly through the guns, I use ghosu\'s project flintlock\'s rifle bullets, I like them the best and I don\'t really feel like re-creating something that someone already did, so I\'d STRONGLY recommend you download his mod and use his ammunition with the guns, HOWEVER, regular bolts will work.

OH YEAH, you need Dawnguard.... Sorry mates without dawnguard.

The to-do list:


Springfield M1903-A3 (95% done)
M16A1 w/M203 (95% done)
M1918 \'BAR\" (95% done)
CAR AR-15 Mod4 A3 W/ M203 (20% done)
SCAR (0% done)

Avtomat Kalishnikov Model 1947 (AK-47) (0% done)
AK-74 (0% done)
RPK-74 (0% done)

Gewehr M1943 (75% done)
Walther P99 (100% done)
Walther P99 SD (100% done)

I\'ll take requests to be quite honest, just leave a comment saying what you\'d like to see in the game and I\'ll work my magic and maybe you\'ll see an update soon with your gun in there!

Don\'t re-distribute this without my permission, DO NOT upload to the steam workshop, and ask me before translating this mod. Re-distribution of gameplay without the express consent of the NFL is prohibited, this is Al Michaels, good night!