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A minimalistic Whiterun enhancement with emphasis on realism and performance.

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City or village mods tend to add too much clutter and loads and LOADS of trees everywhere. It may look beautiful on occasion, but often times all they do is only make Skyrim's already small "cities" feel and looks even more cramped. Not to mention this tends to lead to performance issues, especially those with low end PCs or heavily modded games.

Whiterun Complete aims to add minimal changes to Whiterun while staying in the realm of logic and realism. I try to place objects that "makes sense" such as carts near smelters or strongboxes on market stalls. You won't see anything like fall aspen trees or flora that do not flourish on a tundra environment like Whiterun. I also won't put too much clutter to keep it feeling spacious. All these changes are done while trying to keep performance friendly as possible. The goal is to make a city mod that runs fine on heavily modded games with dozens of NPCs, ENB, and high res textures running at the same time, but can also help those with lower end PCs.

Some other things were also added for gameplay purposes, like a tanning rack and a workbench on the Skyforge or chopping blocks to the more remote areas of the city. Also as a last note, everyone most likely have different specs for their computers and different mod setups, so performance may vary.

Use any mod manager or just manually extract the files into Skyrim's Data folder. If you manual installed, don't forget to tick/activate the esp before starting the game.

=== UPDATING ===
Use your preferred mod manager or just replace the old file with the new one.

Remove or delete Whiterun Complete.esp

=== LOAD ORDER ===
Anywhere will work.

Mods that alter Whiterun cells may cause clipping issues with objects overlapping the other.

=== NOTES ===
Rarely after installing, you may get long load times when entering Whiterun for the first time. Though after the initial loading, it should load at normal speeds again.

Other cities as well. No plans for modifying interiors yet.