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  1. Khazuffy
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    Loot said: This file is corrupted and should not be used
    I'll remove this mod until explanations or fix
    1. LenneDalben
      • supporter
      • 989 posts
      • 24 kudos
      That's probably because this mod was made before the Creation Kit was released (mod made Dec 2011, Creation Kit released Feb 2012).
    2. MyHouseatl
      • member
      • 1,143 posts
      • 6 kudos
      I cleaned it in tes5edit, opened it in CK and saved it. Cleared it up just fine.
  2. tonycubed2
    • premium
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    any issues with perkus maximus?
  3. User_7580497
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    I would add it myself, but my creation kit crashes before it is open... -.-

    So I ask politely:
    Would it be possible to get also this "well-being" potions from Dragonborn?

    (Magicka + Stamina + Health)

    I like the idea to combine potions. It is logical and it looks more tidy in my pocket ^^

    1. here57
      • member
      • 899 posts
      • 13 kudos
      i like that idea.

      if i knew how to make meshes i'd make like three tubes together with the red,green and blue.
      and have the tube get shorter as it gets to the neck of the potion

      something like this

      but have a mouth part that connects all three into one.
  4. Geollyn
    • member
    • 101 posts
    • 2 kudos
    Does it work for self made potions?
    1. here57
      • member
      • 899 posts
      • 13 kudos
      nope sorry.

      just those standard potions you find in chests on enemies and buy in shops.
  5. SaiyanHeretic
    • member
    • 342 posts
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    Just posting this as a convenience for others: If you like this mod but wish it offered more, check out Potion Combiner.
  6. aurora2
    • member
    • 458 posts
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    You want explosions? Because that's how you get explosions.
  7. Chrisfragger1
    • premium
    • 19 posts
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    Well I put the file in my Skyrim's data folder and Nexus Mod Manager did not show it... So it seems to be unreadable file type for NMM?
  8. VictorCreed2
    • member
    • 216 posts
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    BOSS says "Warning: This file contains unexpected (or out of order) records and should be removed." Should this be a concern, or is the mod still safe to use?
    1. zekethefreak
      • supporter
      • 59 posts
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      Been using this mod for quite awhile. Despite the warning (I get it on BOSS, as well) there hasn't been any issues.
  9. funkycanid
    • member
    • 54 posts
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    NMM compatable, please? this is a good mod!
  10. deleted4274861
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    • 12 posts
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    What is the name of the menu mod in the image?