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An Ultra high resolution Dark Brotherhood armor replacer

Permissions and credits

Introduction: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

First of all, I cannot take full credit for this material as I had nothing to do with the development these meshes which were desighned and
implemented by mxwqtkl for his "Shiny Rubber Catsuit" mod. He created the models which inspired me to make this mod.

That being said, I am entirely responsible for this mods textures into which I put a considerable amount of time and effort.

Since skyrims initial release, the nexus has been inundated with armor mods of every shape, color and predilection imaginable.
From the poly/textural masterpieces of ZeroFrost and Cabal120 to the anime and motion picture adaptations of Neovinci and Halo there seems to
be a custom armor for every sort of player.....unless your in the dark brotherhood.

Needless to say, original DB armor replacers seem to come far and few between And so, in an effort to add to the limited pool of lore-friendly
custom DB armors, I created this mod.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the armor, please contact me with any issues or bugs, or leave a comment below.


There are two versions, Choose only one.

This mod adds two new armor sets to skyrim as well as three new weapons. the gilded bow, the bone hilt saber and the black bow.

As previously stated, there are two armor sets, the black armor set which replaces all the standard female armor pieces for the dark brother hood, and a red version which replaces the "ancient assassins armor" that you receive upon completion of the "Assassin of old" sidequest
towards the end of the main DB quest line.

All the weapons are in a barrel inside the entrance to the dark brotherhood sactuary.

A stand alone version will be comming shortly.

Both sets of armor are available by crafting, through any forge in the game under the "Leather" section.
The weapons are also gotten through the forge, but require the ebony smithing perk to acuire.


Download the file, unzip, copy the contents to you skyrim data directory and join the dark brotherhood.

FAQ's ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Q. Why no male support ?
A. Unfortunately, my talents are fairly exclusive. And I currently lack the technical expertise to create models of my own. I am working to improve
these skills, but at the moment they are limited to say the least. In edition I'm currently enrolled and studying for fairly demanding degree and
simply do not have the time to dedicate to the development of male support.

Q. Why you no like the UNP ?
A. This answer is more or less the same as the first, right I just don't have the time.

Updates: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

As of 09-20-13

1.fixed texture error in color map
2.recnostructed normal maps for greater depth and clarity
3.merged standalone and replacer into one master ESP
4.made all armors temperable
5.incorporated cube maps into all meshes
6.added "Black Hand" to red armor variant

Issues/bugs: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

None that I have found.
Please report any bugs you find via IM comment.

Requirements/Compatability: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Although this armor was developed for the CBBE body, it is NOT required since the armor contains no actual body meshes or skin data.
In other words, this armor is compatible with ALL bodies.

Bodyslide: ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

This mod is not currently supported by bodyslide, but there is a loop hole.
The meshes used in this mod were taken DIRECTLY from Shiny Rubber Catsuits which is currently supported by bodyslide.

As a result, meshes from that mod are more or less interchangable with those of Dark Disciple, you need only reassign the textures
in Nifskope.

I do plan to provide bodyslide support in the future, I just need some time to figure out how.

Resource Pack: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

The resource pack contains the original PSD files used to make this mods textures ( all 21 layers including some of the mods source materials ).
These resources are open source and free too use, all I ask is that you provide me with due credit, should you incorporate these resources
into your own work, and that you ask my permission before doing so.

Recommended Mods://///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Shiny Rubber Catsuits


Credits: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

"mxwqtkl" for the meshes. You can find the original meshes for the mod at the address below

"Ousnius" for Bodyslide support