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Recover the lost and forgotten weapon set. They're 5 weapons. You can craft their ebony, moonstone and dwarven counterparts.

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  • German

v1.1: The portal to enter (and exit) the place where you find the weapons should be fixed now


The mod adds 5 new godly weapons, with a unique enchantment. They are waiting for you in a hidden place. To reach this area, go to Bleakcoast Cave (northeast, east of Winterhold). This place is a little bit of a maze so you might be there for a minute before you find the weapons and the exit. Bring torches or something to light your way in there!

Additionally, you can craft the weapons with ebony, moonstone, and dwarven metal. Sadly, recipes will be available as soon as you install the mod (wanted to add the recipes when you retrieved the weapons, but didn't know how to do that lol).

The main 5 weapons have daedric stats, and the others have the same stats as their specific counterparts (aedra dwarven greatsword = dwarven greatsword and so on). The main weapons have unique enchantment (can't disenchant) and you place any enchantment to the ones you can craft.