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Enchanted weapons recharge over time for you and optionally for your followers aswell. Recharge speed is based on your enchanting skill. Affects all weapons and staffs in your inventory.

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This mod will make all enchanted weapons in your inventory recharge over time based on your enchanting skill level. You can enable the mod to work for followers aswell. Soul gems can still be used as a quick boost to recharging. The mod has a configuration menu where you can tweak some variables such as recharge speed and enchanting skill scaling. It's up to you to balance this mod in your own game.


Requires the latest version of SKSE and it's recommended that you use SkyUI along with this mod. If you don't want to use SkyUI you can either get SkyUI-Away or configure the mod through the in-game variables which are all prefixed with PWER_.


Recharging works on enchantments added by other mods. Should not conflict with other mods. Load order doesn't matter.



Just remove and use a script cleaning tool to clean your save.

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Final notes:

Please report bugs in the comment section or via pm.