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Two High Quality Rune Swords for your Mage or every other Character

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Two Unique Magic Rune Swords for the Battlemage to Clear the Path of all Enemies !

2 High Quality Rune Swords in 3 Resolutions - 4K - 2K - 1K - Choose your Armory !
In first place I have made this Mod to give my Battlemage a Unique Weapon that Suits in all Combat Situations. A Stylish Weapon with some Magic Design. Didn\'t you also get bored over time using always the same Staffs and Swords ? Now its time for something New ! Time to Share my Work and bring you a Weapon that will never leave your Side.Of Course Every other Race or Non Mage can use this Swords.

The Sword comes in 2 Different Versions !
Enchanted Version
Non Enchanted Version ( But also Enchantable at any Enchantment Table if you like to combine and Create your Own Enchantments )
Both Swords have different Stats !
Not Overpowered and fits in every Hand ! Easy to carry and fast to swing !

Base Damage unenchanted = critical 12 Damage 20
Base damage enchanted = critical 15 Damage 23

I made this Set One Handed because I often use a Magic Spell in my Other Hand ! ( Cause we love Magic )
The Default Enchanted Version is Absorb Health Enchantment so your Battlemage will have a better Chance to survive the Combat ahead !
But not to make things so boring I have included different ESP Files so you can choose up to 11 different Enchantments.

How to Install them ?! Simply Install the Main Mod in your Skyrim Data Folder !

Choose the Optional Enchantment that you like and overwrite the Default ESP !

  • Absorb Health Enchantment (default)
  • Dragon Fireball Enchantment (optional)
  • Fear Enchantment (optional)
  • Fire Damage Enchantment (optional)
  • Frost Damage Enchantment (optional)
  • Mace of Molag Bal Enchantment (optional)
  • Paralysis Enchantment (optional)
  • Red Eagle Enchantment (optional)
  • Shock Damage Enchantment (optional)
  • Stamina Damage Enchantment (optional)
  • And one very Overpowered ESP File with Magicka Absorb Enchantment - Nearly 1 Hit kill Power (optional)

You can Craft both Swords at any Forge if you bring the right Materials

It is appreciated if you would take a Moment to Endorse this Mod !!!

Future Plans are to Release a Version 2 with different textures if you like the looks of it !
For now I hope you can Carry your new Rune Sword with Joy and may you die with the Sword in your Hands like they say !

  • Credits to Nexus and Bethesda !
  • Credits to Obsidian Dawn for some Brushes I have used to create some Runes. The Best Brushmaker IMO. Thank you my Friend for letting us use your Beautiful Set to Create such Beautiful Mods.
  • Also this Mod was completey started from Scratch by me only from the 3D Model till the End. The Design and Form and look was born by my Fantasy !

Now its time to ready your Weapon !!!

Highly Recommended Mod for this Sword Set Please Click on the Image

Also I Recommend using Unreal Cinema ENB to get the Same look like mine ! By Far the one of the Best ENB for Skyrim !
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