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Bedrolls for the urchins and bed upgrades for the rest of the kids. Optional Orphanage remake.

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The beggars have bedrolls, but not the children? That's cruel Bethesda!
This mod just adds a bedroll to the four spots that the Hearthfire kids sleep. I felt sorry for Sofie especially. Sleeping on a cold, snowed-over slab of stone. 
Bedrolls added for Lucia, Sofie, Alesan and Blaise.
This also upgrades all the "common" kids beds to "noble" kids beds. These include:
Agni, Joric, Svari, Adara, Erith, Eirid and all the others. 
The orphanage has "upper" beds now. It's still an orphanage and Constance is not nearly wealthy enough to buy noble beds.


Changed the beds for Britte and Sissel. Have I left any other child out?
Copy the "Streetkids" esp to your data folder, or use NMM.
Delete the "Streetkids" esp



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